Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – How to Unlock the Secret Lighthouse Chest | Easter Egg Guide

The Lighthouse, the new social space for Guardians to explore in The Curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2 holds a few secrets. There’s more than NPCs and vendors — you can also unlock a wall of light and collect a bonus loot chest for your troubles. That gold chest is way too tantalizing to ignore.

All you have to do is find five (semi) secret books and interact with them in a very specific order. Unsurprising that hungry Destiny 2 fans figured this little Easter egg out almost instantly. Still, if you’re less interested in experimentation, here’s a quick and easy guide explaining how to solve the puzzle and grab your treasure without any fuss.

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How to Unlock the Secret Lighthouse Chest | Easter Egg Guide

To unlock a bonus loot chest in the Lighthouse social space, you’ll want to lookout for strange books in the environment called Compelling Books. A prompt will appear, allowing you to examine them like any other collectible when you’re close.

There’s a series of walls in the Lighthouse that will unlock if you interact with the Compelling Books in the correct order. There are five of these books, and let’s go over the locations below.


  1. In the center of the Lighthouse area, to the left of the NPC standing on the circular raised platform.
  2. From the entrance, to the back-right along the library shelves. Look for a glowing book jacket.
  3. Back at the entranceway, go down the steps left and look behind one of the metal fire-burning braziers along the wall.
  4. On the long, rounded desk to the right of the entrance door. Find at the end of the desk.
  5. Check the left side and find the large sigil chiseled into the wall. Looking at the round design, look up and right — the book is high on the shelf. You’ll need to jump to collect it.

Collect the five books in the correct order, and the message “Decryption Conflux activated” will appear on your HUD. That means you’ve successfully unlocked the chest!

You’ll find the conflux, a white pillar of strange light, on the right side of the Lighthouse area. Interact to unlock the door, found just below the central walkway, and grab your free treasure chest. There are plenty more on Mercury, so keep an eye out, traveler!

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