Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris – How to Get to Power Level 330 | Raid Prep Guide

Curse of Osiris, the first Expansion DLC for Destiny 2, increases the Power Level Cap. If you’re eager to dive into the new Raid Lair, you’re going to need to enhance your Guardian.

The standard Level Cap has increased to 25, with Power Level reaching 330 — you can get up to 335 with Legendary Mods. There are plenty of common sense ways to increase your Power Level, so we’re going to go over all the basic (and not so basic) methods to get the best gear.

While most of the same methods apply in Curse of Osiris, some new factors will help you boost your Power Level even faster. Below, we’ll go over the best ways to get guaranteed Exotics or high-PL gear in the new DLC.

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How to Get to Power Level 330

Hitting the new Power Level cap of 330 (335 w/ Mods) isn’t too hard in Curse of Osiris. There’s a variety of activities and tricks you can employ to get better and better gear at a consistent rate. At least, you’ll always be climbing up — even if it feels incredibly slow.

Getting to Power Level 310

Assuming you’re already Power Level 300~ or so before starting the Curse of Osiris DLC, you can gain about 10~ PL just for completing the DLC campaign and equipping any Legendary Mods you find. Weapons and gear around 305-306 PL will drop naturally while completing most of the DLC.

  • Play through the DLC story campaign.
  • Play through all the Adventures and Heroic Adventures.

That’s the basic way you’ll want to get started. Whether you actually hit PL 310 or something below that, you can move on after finishing the early Curse of Osiris tasks and begin farming for Exotics.

Boosting Power Level Above 310

Exotics are one of the best ways to increase Power Level — any Exotic you find has stats relative to your current Power Level — meaning that Exotics will always have a higher Power Level than what you have currently. That makes Exotics a very, very valuable pathway to boosting your Power Level.

  • Complete the DLC story campaign to get one Exotic weapon.
  • Farm Heroic Public Events in Mercury or any other planet.
    • Heroic Public Events have a much higher Exotic Engram drop rate.

If the weapon / gear sucks, just infuse it to increase Power Level somewhere else. Exotic Engrams aren’t guaranteed to get you an Exotic, but they’re still one of the best ways to farm for Exotic gear.


Dealing with RNG from Exotic Engrams can be a huge pain, so don’t forget about Milestones.

  • Milestones continue to be the best way to increase Power Level reliably.
    • Just like always, completing a Milestone will net you gear that is ALWAYS slightly better than your current Power Level.
    • The Power Level of an Engram is set when you earn it — don’t complete Milestones until you’re ready to start getting “Powerful Gear” rewards.
  • There are five Milestones to go for; Raid, Flashpoint, Crucible, Clan XP, and Heroic Strikes.
    • Only Milestones with “Powerful Gear” rewards are worth completing to increase your Power Level.

Getting about PL 310 is an agonizingly slow process. It’s worth it to save Milestones until you’re above or working toward PL 320, but if you’re stuck at PL 310 and just want to break through faster, completing Milestones will help.

Use All Of Your Guardian Slots

This method is reserved for only the hardcore farmers out there. If you have multiple characters, you can use the extra bodies to earn even more Powerful Gear and Exotic Engrams — place the items in your shared inventory on the Tower and funnel your rewards toward a single character to speed up the process.

  • Essentially, by using all of your character slots, it’s possible to farm Milestones faster.
    • Instead of 5 possible “Powerful Gear” milestones per reset, you’ll have 15.
  • Completing the DLC story campaign again (and again) will also get you an additional Exotic Engram.
  • You can also complete Exotic Weapon hidden quests in the vanilla game for even more Exotics you can funnel to your main.

And Finally, the Leviathan Raid

The Leviathan Raid isn’t just another Milestone to complete. The raid itself has been enhanced — you’ll need a higher maximum Power Level to access it, and you’ll find higher Power Level gear drops inside. Not only that, for completing the Raid and defeating the main boss, you’ll get a very important item.

  • Completing the Leviathan Raid for your first time guarantees a Power Level 330 item reward.

It doesn’t matter what Power Level you are. You’ll always get a max (currently) PL piece of gear or weapon, and that’s going to be incredibly useful for your overall progression.

  • Even better, you can complete the Leviathan Raid with all three of your Guardian character slots — that’s x3 PL 330 items guaranteed.

Now that’s a big boost.


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