Whimsical Music Game ‘Figment’ Now Has a Free Demo

If you’ve yet to experience the surrealist musical adventure Figment, developer Bedtime Digital Games has created the perfect opportunity to do so. A free demo is now available on Steam, giving everyone an insight into a rhythmical, hand-illustrated story which takes place in a surprising location: the mind.

Originally released back in September, Figment stars the adventurous duo of Dusty and Piper, tracking their journey across colourful, nonsensical provinces as they conquer nightmare-inducing creatures and rediscover what courage truly means.

Figment‘s musicality goes beyond a dynamic soundtrack, bleeding into environmental art as piano houses, trumpet trees, and even enemies who break out into song. Depending on where your trekking takes you, the score adapts in response, alternating from spooky laid-back beats to hopeful ballads.

The core of Figment‘s gameplay dances between challenging puzzles and combat with enemies and melodic boss battles, granting players an eclectic adventure that demands clear thinking and quick reflexes.

The full version of Figment is available for $19.99 USD and supports Windows, Mac and Linux.