Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC – All the New Exotic Armor & Weapons [GALLERY]

The first DLC expansion to Destiny 2 is coming soon. Curse of Osiris brings new Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor for your Guardian to unlock, and that’s always worth embracing early. Here, we’re going to break down all the info (released so far) and show off some of the new Exotics seen in trailers.

Curse of Osiris also kickstarts Destiny 2: Season 2, so you’ll start to see some other new features slowly integrate into the main game, even if you didn’t purchase the DLC. Factions will be able to unlock ornamented gear for your Guardians — basically, you can slap faction-specific ornaments onto your armor. The trailer shows off a chest-piece with an emblem smack-dab in the center of the chest, but different ornaments may be available.

Now let’s break down the new Exotic weapons as they’re shown — check out the gallery above to follow along. The first weapon we’re shown is the sequel to the Trace Rifle. That one-of-a-kind weapon in Destiny 2, the Coldheart, was the only Trace Rifle in the game. To switch things up, we’re getting a heat-based weapon instead of cold, so expect Burn damage.

Along with the new Exotic Weapon, the trailer also shows off the new Vex-themed gear. You’ll be able to unlock several sets of Vex-themed weapons and armor in Curse of Osiris, and in the gallery above you can check out some of the new armor sets in action on all three classes — Titan, Warlock, and Hunter all get a different look.

You can also get a quick look at a new Exotic Sword on the back of the Hunter in the turn-around on the trailer. It looks like it fits perfectly with the Osiris-theme due to the Egyptian flourishes on the curved blade.

Speaking of Exotics, there’s a brand new Grenade Launcher shown briefly. As the trailer shows, this Grenade Launcher shoots little spider-bots instead of bouncing grenades — the tiny bots grow legs and chase after their prey. There are multiple shown launched, so players might get a chance at shooting them down before they get you, or even allow multiple spiders to track multiple targets.

There’s a lot more to Season 2 — Masterwork Weapons, even more Ornaments, and tons of fresh emotes. We can’t get into all of it here, so check out the Bungie blog for a detailed post on everything else you’ll get, whether you have Curse of Osiris or not.

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