Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – Final Trial | Dungeon Guide

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, once you finish every single Phantom Ganon battle in The Champions’ Ballad DLC, beat all the mysterious shrines, and return to the Shrine of Resurrection, you’ll encounter one Final Trial to complete — a totally new, unique, and complex Divine Beast dungeon! It’s full of mind-bending, never-before-seen puzzles, making this the toughest Divine Beast yet.

You’ll need all your Runes and puzzle-solving smarts to complete the Final Trial dungeon. Like the other Divine Beasts, you’ll be able to unlock a map and use Sheikah Slate controls to change aspects of the dungeon. Here, it’s all about the turning gears in the center of the structure. You can swap direction; switching between turning the gears clockwise or counter-clockwise, and there are plenty of ways you’ll need to use this function. Look, it’s a really tricky dungeon! We’ll provide all the details you need to solve every puzzle with the complete guide below.

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Shrine of Resurrection Dungeon Guide

To begin the final trial for the “EX The Champions’ Ballad” quest, Link must first complete all four Divine Beast trials — go to each stone monument, complete the three shrines, and defeat the Phantom Ganon rematch at each location.

When all four Champion’s Song quests are completed, return to the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau and place your Sheikah Slate back on the pedestal where you first acquired it. That will activate the elevator and take Link down to the Shrine of Resurrection dungeon.


Get the Map

Before you can proceed, Link needs to get a map of the dungeon. The map terminal is straight ahead from the entrance — watch out for Ancient Guardians lurking about on your way to the pedestal.

The map shows that this dungeon is indeed a Divine Beast, and you can control it. For now, all you can do is change the direction of the spinning gears in the center. These gears control the four prongs of the map — there are four passages you’ll need to enter to complete the Divine Beast.

The First Cylinder 

How To Activate the Front-Left Cylinder: The first passage we need to access is the front-left cylinder. Use the map and turn the gear counter-clockwise (the right purple pointer) — that way the gear above the lava will turn so Link can ride the rotating platforms up to the top.

At the top of the spinning gears, look toward the disabled front-left cylinder — glide to the platform, then use Magnesis to stick the metal bone-shaped stud into the hole. That will connect the cylinder to the spinning gears, causing it to start spinning too. Use Stasis to make gliding to the rotating platform easier.

The First Terminal: Inside the front-left cylinder, make the gears spin clockwise and ride up to the platform on the upper-right. From here, use Magnesis to take the metal bar from the ceiling.

Plug the metal bar into the stud on the bottom floor, then pull the trapezoid-shaped metal beam out — that metal beam will hit the other metal beam, causing the entire cylinder to spin, and allowing Link to enter the room with the first lock terminal.

The Second Cylinder

To get inside the front-right cylinder, turn the gears so you can ride the lava platform up to the platform near the turning cylinder. Just wait for the open door to turn and run right inside.

How to Get Through the Second Cylinder: Unlike the first cylinder we entered, this one is full of spikes, lava, and fire traps. To cross the lava bed, use the map to spin the bridge clockwise. Slowly walk through the safe area between the spikes — on the opposite side, you’ll side a large button and a spinning funnel tube.

How to Get The Ancient Orb: Step on the button to release an orange ancient orb — wait so it rolls into the tube. Use the map to change the direction of the spinning (clockwise or counter-clockwise) to navigate the ancient orb through the tube and out onto the platform. Set it to; orange, then blue, then orange again.

The Second Terminal: Grab the orb and place it in the long tube to the right of the rotating bridge. It’ll roll down and unlock the door to the second terminal door. Glide down to hit the button and unlock another terminal. Two more to go.

The Third Cylinder

For the third cylinder, we’ll go to the back-left corner of the hub. Reach the second floor, and set the gear to rotate clockwise. In the back-left corner, you’ll see stone blocks spinning in the center. Use Stasis on the stone before it slides back — while in Stasis, the block won’t move and will hit the gear, raising a bridge that leads into the third cylinder.

How To Get Through the Third Cylinder: In the cylinder, use Cryonis underneath the strange device. The ice pillar will press the stone button and begin rotating the platform. Turn the map gear counter-clockwise to ride it up to the open doorway.

How To Reach the Third Terminal: Enter the hallway ahead to find multiple water spouts and a strange, huge valve. Stasis the valve section close to the ground, then hit it multiple times. When Stasis breaks, the valve will turn and disable the water, draining the pool below.

Now Link can enter the next room. Reach the button, use Magnesis to collect the metal orb, and place it on the launcher. Press the button again to launch the metal orb — use Cryonis in the new, higher water level to reach the third terminal.

The Fourth Cylinder

The last cylinder we’ll cover is the back-right chamber. Grab the metal beam using Magnesis in the back, second level area. Plug it into the cylinder exterior, then slide the larger metal section into the beam you just plugged into the cylinder. The cylinder will start spinning, and Link can enter.

How to Get Through the Fourth Cylinder: In the fourth cylinder, a giant fan is spinning — you can change the direction it spins by changing the gear rotation. Climb the ladder, then fly across the gap with the glider. Swap to gear rotation to push you further and faster.

The Fourth Terminal: Climb up and glide to the moving platform near the top of the cylinder. From here, use Stasis to stop the spinning fan and glide to the terminal. Easy!

Use all four terminals to release the locks to the Final Trial dungeon’s exit. Plug the giant spinning gear into the exit door using Magnesis, and you’ll be able to use the exit altar to complete the Shrine of Regeneration.

To complete the quest, you’ll have to fight a brand new boss — Monk Maz Koshia. Goodluck, Link!

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