Killing Floor 2 Christmas Update Introduces New Weapons And A New Map

Tripwire Interactive’s OTT first-person shooter, Killing floor 2 has just received it’s yearly holiday update – introducing a selection of tasty new content for the British survivors. Krampus Christmas launches on all relevant platforms and will run all the way up until January 9th.

First up, there’s a new wintery map called Krampus Lair, judging by the trailer it looks like it’s got a decent open outside space perfect for zed spaces – while inside offers a tighter area to rack up those aoe kills. The update also introduces a new boss and another new boss (Abomination) that will pop up on the non-event maps.

Players will also get two new weapons, the Freeze Thrower and a UMP SMG – with the former being an Xbox One exclusive weapon since the game’s launch.

Alongside this awesome content, there will also be new achievements to unlock cosmetics, as well as different outfits, weapon skins and emotes. The game itself will be free to play till December 18th. If you do intend to purchase it, it is also running for 50% off the usual price.

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Killing Floor 2 is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.