The Last Of Us 2 Development Is 50-60% Done

During a PSX panel discussion yesterday, Director Niel Druckmann, co-writer Halley Gross, Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel) of The Last of Us 2, sat down together to reveal a host of new of new details – one of the notable announcements being that plenty of levels have finished development, and that the title has reached 50-60% development completion.

Alongside this, the group revealed that the characters in the trailer which was released during Paris Games week will play a major role in the sequel, the voice actors for the characters have also been officially revealed. Laura Bailey plays the woman who was about to be brutally hanged, while Ian Alexander and Victoria Grace will be playing siblings Lev and Yara, who are thirteen and sixteen years old in the game respectively.

Druckmann confirmed that the game will be taking place in Seattle, and while the story will be gritty, centered around a “sense of pursuing justice” and the “messy grey area” between black and white, there will be a couple moments of light-hearted humor. He also hinted that no character is safe in the story, meaning that anyone may or may not be killed off.

Druckmann also noted that the story will be told in a bold and innovative way which may not resonant with the fans from the first game. Finally, Druckman stated that The Last of Us 2 will be present during next year’s E3.