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Much like other MMOs, there’s a winter event striking Destiny 2. The event is called The Dawning and it brings in some new content to enjoy along with a few collectibles. If you’re going to the event then chances are you’ll want to gather any and all items available before Bungie moves away from the winter-theme.

We’re here to lend a helping hand and in this particular guide, we’ll showcase just how to obtain the Sagira Exotic Ghost Shell.


Sagira Shell
  • Type: Ghost Shell
  • Rarity: Exotic
  • Description: Loyalty does not mean obligation. The only justice is blind.


  • Intrinsic
    • You’re Welcome – Alerts nearby caches and resources on Mercury.
  • Ghost Module 1
    • Omni-Telemetry – Generate Gunsmith telemetry data for elemental weapon kills.
  • Ghost Module 2
    • Scion of Mercury – Increases Glimmer along with the ability to obtain faction consumables on Mercury.

How To Obtain

The ability to obtain the Sagira Shell is connected to the Lost Prophecy Verse weapons. So with that said, this could be a very easy pick up or a really tough one as it all depends on how much grinding you’ve already done for the Lost Prophecy Verse weapons.

Players will have to collect all ten of the Verses along with completing the Paradox shotgun quest. This can be difficult especially if you have yet to grind away at collecting all of the weapons.

Due to the materials that are required for crafting, players may find themselves grinding away to gather the required crafting materials of the various weapons, but as it stands right now, there’s no shortcut quite yet on speeding up the process.

Likewise, because the Sagira Shell focuses on Mercury, some players may find the cost of grinding away for the various materials to outweigh the usefulness of this exotic Shell.

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