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The latest Destiny 2 DLC, Curse of Osiris, has delivered new content for gamers to enjoy. Outside of the new raid lair, which we have a detailed walkthrough on how to complete it right here, gamers also has the ability to craft the Paradox Shotgun of Saint-14 along with a new emblem.

If you need a hand on how to acquire the shotgun and emblem then take a look at our detailed guide down below. Furthermore, you can find additional Destiny 2 featured guides below.


Saint-14 Paradox Shotgun & Emblem Guide

Step #1

You will first need to find the Lost Verse from Brother Vance. If you have already done so then you can progress through the Signal Light mission.

Step #2

Complete the mission Signal Light which is found in the Infinite Forest of Mercury. Once you have completed the mission, head back to Brother Vance who will be located at the Lighthouse.

Step #3

The third step in our guide will have players gathering the material supplies noted by Brother Vance. You’ll have to gather 2x Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, 2x Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, and lastly, 2x Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms.

  • You can find the Radiolarian Cultures by doing Public Events though you will want to make note that 10 Radiolarian Cultures will make one single Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures through Brother Vance.
  • Paradox Amplifiers can be gathered by going through Crucible matches and much like Radiolarian Cultures, you’ll need 10 Paradox Amplifiers to create an Advanced Paradox Amplifier.
  • Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms can be found on its own through a number of means such as Heroic Strikes.

Step #4

After you have gathered all of the material supplies, head to Brother Vance who will give another mission to complete where you’ll get to dig deeper into info about Saint-14. The mission is called Not Even The Darkness where players will have to track down Saint-14 and find out what happened to the character.

Step #5

After going through the Not Even the Darkness mission, head back to Brother Vance in which you will then be able to craft the Paradox Shotgun weapon while receiving the new emblem.

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