Destiny 2: How To Find Masterworks Weapons | Breakdown Guide

Destiny 2 has recently received an update that brought on a new weapon type, Masterworks Weapons. These are rare to come by but they will be worth seeking after. If you have yet to come across any information regarding the Masterwork Weapons within the game then take a look at our guide below.

We’ve listed out some notable facts worth knowing before you start seeking these weapons for your arsenal. Likewise, down below this guide, we’ll be additional guides for the Destiny 2 video game.


Masterworks Weapon Differences

The Masterwork Weapons are a bit different than Legendary weapons. You’ll find that the Masterworks Weapon will come with a few extra stats likewise within the stats, players will be able to see just how many enemies they defeated with the weapon.

How To Obtain Masterworks Weapons

Much like everything in Destiny 2, obtaining Masterworks weapons is a bit of chance mix with grinding away until you get the particular item you’re searching for. Most of these weapons will come as Legendary weapon drops.

They will be rare to come by so if you’re actively seeking a Masterworks weapon then you’re going to be grinding a bit before one comes your way. With that said, players will be required to be at least a power level of 250.

Can I Craft A Masterwork Weapon?

Yes. Well, sort of. Destiny 2 will offer players Masterwork Cores which can convert a Legendary weapon to a Masterworks edition. Players will be required to spend 10 Masterwork Cores along with 25 Legendary Shards.

Masterwork Cores?

Masterwork Cores offer gamers the ability to roll for some weapon’s perks. This can be handy if you’re looking to alter some of the stats of your weapon, but to gather Masterwork Cores, players will have to dismantle a Masterworks weapon, which is already rare to come by. After dismantling the weapon, players will randomly receive 1 to 3 Masterwork Cores.

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