Destiny 2: New Method Discovered For Farming Faction Rally Tokens | Game Guide

If you’re in the need of Faction Rally tokens in Destiny 2 then you’re in luck. The development team has previously made some changed to the video game that has swayed games from farming Faction Rally tokens, however, a new method was discovered that uses the Lost Sector.

This method will require players to go through the Lost Sector but there are a quick means of farming Faction Rally tokens until Bungie makes any changes or patches. With that said, make use of this guide now before you’re unable to farm the tokens once again.


Step #1

  • The first step is simple, just go through the Lost Sector normally along with killing the boss.

Step #2

  • Open the chest followed by going through the path at the back of the Lost Sector, which will be above the chest.

Step #3

  • Continue on the pathway until it the destination says “Winding Cover”. Once your destination changes you’ll want to turn around and go through the doors, which you’ll have to open.

Step #4

  • The chest will be closed for players to open once again.

Step #5

  • Repeat the process.

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