Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – How to Find Bonus Cutscenes & Dialogue | Secrets Guide

Even after you’ve completed the final challenge of The Champions’ Ballad, the second DLC for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there’s still more stuff to explore. If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, there are hidden cutscenes and secret dialogue Link can unlock to learn more about his old friends the Champions of Hyrule.

All these hidden cutscenes, voiced dialogue, and diary entries are designed to give you a deeper connection with these four heroes from the past. You can revisit their hometowns and learn more about the Champion from their recovered diaries, but you’ll need to take a stop by the local village chief to learn where each diary is located. Then there’s a hidden cutscene showing how Link memorializes his fallen friends — but only if you own a house.

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How to Find Bonus Cutscenes & Dialogue | Secrets Guide


There are three secrets Link can find — the first, a secret cutscene, is only available after completing the final main challenge of the DLC. There are other secrets too; hidden dialogue can be heard by re-fighting the Ganon bosses at each Divine Beast. You can also find diary entries that have been added into Hyrule.

  • How to Unlock a Secret Cutscene:
    • Travel to Link’s house and go upstairs to your bedroom. When you do, you’ll get the option to hang a picture of the Champions’ that was taken in the past.
      • To get Link’s house, you’ll have to purchase it for 5,000 rupees. Check out the full guide below.

Along with a hidden cutscene, Link can also unlock short dialogue sequences for each of the Champions. There are multiple dialogues to listen to, but getting them is pretty tricky.

  • How to Hear Secret Dialogue [All Four Champions]
    • To hear 4-6 new dialogue entries for each of the Champions, you’ll need to re-fight the Ganon bosses located at each of the four Divine Beasts. You probably didn’t know you could re-fight them — all you have to do is approach the Divine Beast and the battle will begin.
      • After defeating a Divine Beast, you’ll get a short cutscene with even more personality from the particular Champion of each region. There are about 4 entries to hear.

In the secret dialogue, you’ll often hear the Champions talking about their diaries. These diaries actually exist in the world, and Link can find them to uncover secrets we never knew about the four Champions from each region. These diaries are only available after completing the Divine Beast dungeons and taming the Divine Beast in its respective area.

  • How to Find Secret Diary Entries [All Four Champions]
    • Urbosa: Go to Gerudo Town and talk to Riju in the palace. She’ll tell you about Urbosa’s diary.
      • Find the actual diary in Riju’s room, on the upper level of the palace.
    • Revali: Reach the top of Rito Village and talk to Kaneli to hear about Revali’s diary.
      • The diary is located in Teba’s House, next door to Kaneli’s place.
    • Mipha: Naturally, go to the Zora’s Domain and speak with King Dorephan.
      • He’ll tell you about Mipha’s secret love for Link, and point out the diary sitting on the table in his palace at the top of the Zora’s Domain.
    • Daruk: Travel to Goron City and talk to Yunobo to learn the diary’s location. He’s on the metal bridge above the city.
      • The journal is in Yunobo’s house, the second house on the right from the entrance to Goron City.

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