Breath of the Wild: Champions’ Ballad – Sheikah Monks Love Bananas Easter Egg

Mighty Bananas look like your standard, fruity food stuff — you’ll find dozens while exploring the vast world of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but bananas hold a very special place for the Yiga Clan. In your first visit to the secret ninja clan’s headquarters, you’ll find entire stock rooms full of bananas. It’s a weird little joke, but that joke has expanded in the second DLC, The Champions’ Ballad, with a full-blown Easter egg animation, all related to the ancient Sheikah Tribe’s love of bananas.

It’s going to take some explaining to make sense of all this Easter egg. To start, let’s discuss their origins. First off, the Yiga Clan is a diabolical off-shoot of the Sheikah Tribe. The Sheikah Slate and other ancient technology, including the shrines and the Monks you encounter at each altar, are all part of the Sheikah Tribe. The heroic group stayed behind to help Hyrule in need, while the Yiga Clan joined Ganon and aided him in his conquest. Essentially, the Sheikah Tribe and the Yiga Clan, in Breath of the Wild lore, come from the same source. Got all that?

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Monk Moz Koshia Loves Bananas Easter Egg

As established, the Yiga Clan loves bananas. The Yiga Clan and the Sheikah Tribe share a common origin, so naturally the Sheikah Tribe must love bananas too, right? Well, we can finally get confirmation thanks to the final boss encounter in The Champions’ Ballad.


  • Monk Moz Koshia Easter Egg:
    • Bring a Mighty Bananas bushel to the final battle against Monk Moz Koshia in the Shrine of Regeneration.
    • Hold the bananas and drop them on the ground. If you do, you’ll get the Monk’s attention. Like a Yiga Clan member, he’ll stop everything he’s doing and scamper over to the bananas.
    • After devouring a single bushel of bananas, he’ll be satisfied and return to the fight light normal.

This only works during the first phase of the battle (first 25%) and it only works once. If you drop multiple bananas, he’ll ignore the rest after picking up one. It’s pretty hilarious to see the decrepit old Monk gleefully eating bananas, but it isn’t without plenty of precedent.

The Yiga Clan and the Sheikah Tribe have the same origin, both being magically-inclined ninja groups with the same symbol. The Yiga Clan’s logo is just the Sheikah’s eye upside-down. Most of the weird banana desperation comes from the Yiga Clan though — the first Yiga Clan member Link meets will try to sell him Mighty Bananas. Also, Yiga Clan members can be distracted with Mighty Bananas, just like the boss, while in the Yiga Clan Hideout.

On your return trip to the Yiga Clan for The Champions’ Ballad DLC, you’ll even find a store room chock full of Mighty Bananas. Those guys really are obsessed. I guess they got it from their grandparents.

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