Life is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 3 Graffiti Locations | Collectibles Guide

The third and final episode has released for the Life is Strange: Before The Storm video game. Players can witness the drama narrative end, though just like the past two episodes before it, players will still have a few options to steer the narrative towards a new direction.

Likewise, the third episode has a total of ten graffiti locations. If you’re looking to gather all the collectibles within the game and need a hand with the third episode then check out our guide below. We’ve listed out where you can find all ten graffiti locations are within the game.


Graffiti Location #1

Once inside Rachel’s bedroom, head to the map of the United States.


  • Something Rachel said
  • Something I said

Graffiti Location #2

While still inside Rachel’s bedroom, go to her planner that’s laying on the desk next to her laptop.


  • Anatomy
  • Herbology

Graffiti Location #3

When you head back to Chloe’s room, go to her bookshelf next to the desk that holds her computer. Look at the photograph and then exit out of it. You will now have the option to graffiti on it.


  • Burning
  • Burnout

Graffiti Location #4

Outside of Chloe’s room, head across the hall into her mother’s room. Right behind the door will be a stack of boxes with a calendar on top. You will be able to graffiti on the calendar.


  • Hotrod Flames
  • Hitting on chicks

Graffiti Location #5

Once Chloe works on the truck within the junkyard, select the fuel filter and Chloe will blow out the gunk trapped within it. Look at the gunk that’s now sticking to the inside of the truck hood to make graffiti.


  • Raven
  • Lion

Graffiti Location #6

At the hospital waiting room, head to the exit door and let the cutscene play out. Afterwards, head to the exit door again and look at the nurse poster to graffiti.


  • Clean Joke
  • Dirty Joke

Graffiti Location #7

While still within the waiting room of the hospital, go to the out of order vending machine and slam it three times to free the candy bar. Afterwards, look at the vending machine again to get the new graffiti option.


  • N/A

Graffiti Location #8

The eighth graffiti location can be found within Drew’s /Mikey’s hospital room. Depending on who is injured within your narrative, players can sign the cast.


  • Arm
  • Armor

Graffiti Location #9

After being tasked with going to the father of Rachel’s office, open the left side draw on his desk.  Afterwards, you will be able to graffiti on the drawer.


  • N/A

Graffiti Location #10

The last graffiti option is available within the burned down mill. First you will need to grab the knife sticking into the wooden post by the bar. From there, you will need to move the sheet metal leaning against the wall in order to graffiti the wall.


  • N/A

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