Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – All Hidden Rooms & How To Unlock Them | Secrets Guide


You can’t have a spooky mansion without tons of secret doors and hidden rooms — and ‘Dead of the Night’ features a surprising amount of hidden chambers you can access even from Round 1. This complex Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 map features multiple bonus rewards you can earn by completing mini-challenges.

The first is found near the spawn area, while another can be accessed from the familiar Billiards Room. And yet another can be unlocked in the Wine Cellar. Each one features a strange puzzle, and you’ll only have one chance to unlock it per session. Find all the hidden doors we’ve located (so far) in the full guide below.

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All Hidden Rooms & How To Unlock Them | Secrets Guide

There are five hidden rooms in ‘Dead of the Night’ — three will get you powerups or elixir, one will get you the Alistair’s Annihilator crafting part, and one contains the unique crossbow wonder weapon. Getting the cemetery bunker open is so difficult, it’s better you check out the Savage Impaler link above for all the details.

West Balcony / East Balcony (Random Powerup)

In the West Balcony room adjacent to the Music Room doors, there’s a bookshelf. You need to interact with four specific books in order — the symbols are located on two identical bookshelves at the East Balcony or West Balcony. The book locations are always the same, but they may appear on the West Balcony or the East Balcony. Check both.

  • Symbol Locations:
    • On the right shelf, fourth shelf from the bottom.
    • On the left shelf, on the very lowest shelf.
    • On the right shelf, on the fifth shelf from the bottom.
    • On the left shelf, on the third shelf from the bottom.
  • Interact With The Symbols In This Order:
    • ‘C’ – A sickle-shaped icon.
    • ‘X’ – An ‘X’ with a horizontal line through it.
    • ‘S’ – A ‘S’-like snake icon.
    • ‘U’ Upside-Down ‘U’.┬áLike a ‘U’ turned upside-down with dots in the bowl.

When you successfully activate a secret book, a plume of green gas will appear. If you input the symbols in the correct order, the secret room will open and reveal a powerup you can collect.

Library (Alistair’s Annihilator Part]

The easiest secret room to open is in the Library. Simply smash one of the shelf walls to the left of the Alistair’s Folly case with the Ballistic Shield melee to open it.

Billiards Room (Random Elixir)

In the Billiards Room, you can unlock a secret room — as we’ve covered earlier, you can earn a powerup by sinking the billiard balls into the pockets, in order from one to nine. You can also unlock a secret room here — sink the billiard balls (in order) in the pockets facing the secret room itself.

The secret room is in the back-left of the room, behind a bookshelf directly opposite the door to the Study. The secret room here contains a free Elixir.

Wine Cellar (Random Powerup)

To solve this secret room, you’ll need to locate six barrels dripping wine in the Wine Cellar. To open a secret room, melee attack the Wine Cellar barrels (knifing them will stop the drips) in order from fastest to slowest.

The speed of the drips is completely random, so figuring out the correct order can be very, very tricky. Use the previous secret rooms to earn extra points and make unlocking the Wine Cellar easier on Round 1 — otherwise, you’ll have a lot of undead attention.

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