Black Ops 4 Zombies: How To Unlock Every Secret Song Easter Egg | Classified, IX & More

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There are secret songs in every Black Ops 4: Zombies map, and to make your Easter egg hunting just a little easier, here’s a quick list showcasing how to unlock all the songs. You’ll have to do a variety of tasks to hear these unique songs, composed specifically for each map — there are coins to shoot, numbers to input, and vodka bottles to find.

Thankfully, these methods are pretty easy once you know where to find everything. The objects always spawn in the same spots, so you won’t have to hunt aimlessly — we’ve got all the locations listed below.

And yes, there are a total of four Zombies maps in Black Ops 4. One of the maps, “Classified” is a remake map that comes included with the Season Pass. If you’re ready to drop some cash, you can unlock that map right away.

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How To Unlock Every Secret Song Easter Egg | Classified, IX & More

To hear secret Easter egg songs, you must interact with hidden items on the map. There will be no prompt to interact, but there will be a unique sound effect if you interact with the correct item. Find allĀ  items in each area, and the song will begin to play. Check the locations below — the items will always appear in the exact same locations.

[NOTE: Sometimes you’ll have to hold [Interact] to activate the item. Sometimes you’ll need to shoot. Learn what to do with each item below.]

IX – “Mad Hatter” Easter Egg Song

There are four coins you need to shoot to activate the Easter egg song. The coin is small, but glows brightly and has a green-yellow shine. The coin is a different color in each tower.

  • Coin Locations:
    • Coin #1: Danu Tower: Entrance – Look out the window. The coin is on the underside of a wooden staircase on the exterior of the map.
    • Coin #2: Ra Tower: Burial Chamber – In the corner near a burning fire brazier. To the left, there are two chests. The coin is between the chests.
    • Coin #3: Zeus Altar Room – On the side of one of the statue pedestals, right next to the mystery box.
    • Coin #4: Odin Tower: Entrance – Look for a low metal grating. Crouch and look inside (face the entrance from the spawn arena) to spot the coin.

Classified – “Shockwave” Easter Egg Song

There are three Vodka Bottles you need to hold [Interact] on to activate. The bottles are green.

  • Vodka Bottle Locations:
    • Bottle #1: War Room: Lower Level – Down the steps from the Upper Level, go to the back-right corner and look under the terminal.
    • Bottle #2: Central Filing – From the Side Passage door, go all the way to the back and you’ll find this bottle on top of the last row of filing cabinets.
    • Bottle #3: Porcine Research – In the back-left corner of the lab, found below the War Rooms. As you enter, go to the back-left corner to find an open cabinet with a bottle inside.

Blood of the Dead – Easter Egg Song

Instead of finding objects, you just need to input a number in the Citadel Tunnels. Enter the tunnels, at the bottom you’ll find a locked cage with numbers.

Use the Warden’s Key to unlock the cage (dropped from the Brutus zombie boss) and the charged Spectral Shield Spectral Blast to power-up the numbers. Now, interact with each number to change it.

  • Number Inputter Easter Egg:
    • Input 1-1-5 into the three numbers at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels to activate the secret song.

Voyage of Despair – Easter Egg Song

Just like in “IX“, you need to find and shoot four coins. Each coin has a different color. All you have to do is locate the coin and shoot it to unlock the secret song. Here’s where to find them.

  • Coin Locations:
    • Coin #1: Forecastle – On the right side, on the back of a wooden crate, underneath the stairs. Look on the side of the crate facing three barrels in a burning corner.
    • Coin #2: Poop Deck – On the right side (when facing the main ship), look near a giant roll of wire. Look between the roller and the wooden crate.
    • Coin #3: Lower Grand Staircase – On the floor with the Pack-a-Punch pedestal, look up at the ceiling. Face the staircase and you’ll find the coin on the brown wooden beams on the ceiling.
    • Coin #4: Sun Deck – Look on the rescue boat that’s filled with luggage. The red coin is visible on this boat.

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