Black Ops 4 Zombies: How To Build Every Shield | All Maps [Classified, IX, Voyage & Blood]

There are multiple shields in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but they’re all built the same way. You can find a special shield Wonder Weapon in multiple Zombies maps — including “IX”, “Blood of the Dead”, and “Classified” — and interestingly, the shields are completely different on each map. On some maps, you’ll be able to suck the souls of out Zombies, while in others you’ll have access to a handgun to go with your riot shield. There’s even an ancient roman variant with a spooky silhouette.

The trick to building all the shields is pretty simple — you need to know where to find all the parts. After collecting the three parts, you’ll be able to build the shield at any workbench. Unfortunately, the parts spawn in random locations. There are only a handful of spawn locations for each part, so if you want to track down all these missing parts, you’ll need to check all the random spawn spots. We’ve got them all listed below.

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How To Build The Zombie Shield | All Maps [Classified, IX & Blood]

The Zombie Shield is a special Wonder Weapon that you can build in all the maps. To build it, you need to collect parts, then construct the parts on a work bench. The parts are never in the same place, and will randomly spawn in one of several locations. Check all the locations listed for each individual map and part below.

Blood of the Dead – How To Build The Shield

  • Part #1: Shield
    • Location #1: Citadel Tunnels – To the right (or left) of the door in the spiral stairs leading to China Alley. About halfway up / down the stairs.
    • Location #2: China Alley – Next to a zombie spawn window. The window is a metal fence covering a stairwell leading down into the Citadel Tunnels.
    • Location #3: Citadel Tunnels – At the top of the winding stairs, next to the locked elevator cage.
  • Part #2: Afterlife Essence
    • Location #1: Library – Look for an afterlife box in the original “Mob of the Dead” spawn room. The box will give a strange glow if the essence can be collected.
    • Location #2: Times Square – On the wall, on the first floor.
    • Location #3: Michigan Avenue – Directly under the “Michigan” sign.
  • Part #3: Warden Key
    • Drops from the Brutus Boss Zombie after activating both Power switches.
    • Power Switches are located in the Power House and Building 64 in China Alley.

Voyage of Despair – How To Build The Shield

  • Part #1: Machinery
    • Location #1: State Rooms – In the linen closet passage in the center of the State Rooms. Look on the shelves.
  • Part #2: Armature
    • Location #1: Bridge – Outside the actual bridge, on the edge of the railing on the left side.
  • Part #3: Shield
    • Location #3: 3rd Class Berth – On the wall-mounted railing to the right of the giant stack of luggage in a corner.
    • Location #3: Provisions – Leaning on an apple crate, next to way more apple crates.

Classified – How To Build The Shield

  • Part #1: Piece
    • Location #1: Central Filing – Directly left as you enter from the Side Passage.
    • Location #2: Central Filing – Look in the back-right corner, leaning against two windows.
    • Location #3: Central Filing – Leaning against the filing cabinets in the middle of the room.
  • Part #2: Shield
    • Location #1: War Room: Lower Level – Near base of the steps. From the top of the stairs, go down, then turn left and left again at the floor. The piece is leaning against the cage, under the stairs.
    • Location #2: War Room: Lower Level – Just to the right of the central teleporter.
    • Location #3: War Room: Lower Level – Back right of the room, tucked behind the computer terminal.
  • Part #3: Metal Chunk
    • Location #1: South Laboratories – Opposite the power switch.
    • Location #2: South Laboratories – Near the purple teleporter in the back-right corner. Next to the cart with crates, under the broken window.
    • Location #3: North Laboratories – Follow the long power wire to the far teleporter. As it turns right, look for the part near a zombie spawn window.

IX – How To Build The Shield

  • Part #1: Blade
    • Location #1: Zeus Altar Room – Behind the stairs, on the statue pedestal.
    • Location #2: Zeus Tower: Entrance – Opposite the stairs to the Zeus Altar Room, at the base of the statue.
    • Location #3: Zeus Tower: Bathhouse – Near the stairs to the Entrance, on a relief.
  • Part #2: Shield
    • Location #1: Ra Altar Room – In the corner, near one of the stone pillars.
    • Location #2: Ra Altar Room – Left of the gong, under the wallbuy.
    • Location #3: Ra Altar Room – Right of the gong, leaning against the wall.
  • Part #3: Buckler
    • Location #1: Odin Tower: Entrance – On the shield rack, in the back-right corner.
    • Location #2: Odin Altar Room – To the right of the stairs, next to a spear container.
    • Location #3: Odin Tower Cauldron – To the left of the shields mounted on the wall.

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