Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead – How To Get The Hell’s Redeemer | Upgraded Hell’s Retriever Guide

Upgrade your trusty boomerang-tomahawk in “Blood of the Dead” with this secret method. Get enough kills with the Hell’s Retriever in a specific spot in this Black Ops 4: Zombies map, and you’ll notice your tomahawk starts burning blue. That’s your cue to start hunting down hidden paintings (that you can only see with a shield, I’ll explain that below) — and if you find the right one, it’s time to toss your tomahawk and give it up. For now.

Wait until the devil dogs start spawning, and you’ll be able to get an enhanced, super-strong version of the Hell’s Retriever. You might even need it to complete the main Easter egg quest. Even if you don’t plan on completing hidden objectives, this is one powerful weapon that’s a little more useful than a couple of standard grenades. Learn how to unlock it with the step-by-step guide below.

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How To Get The Hell’s Redeemer | Upgraded Hell’s Retriever Guide

Before you can get the Hell’s Redeemer, you’ll need to get the Hell’s Retriever. You can check the guide above for a detailed guide, or follow the quick steps below.

  • How To Get The Hell’s Retriever [Simple Guide]
    1. Feed 6-10 Zombie corpses to the demon dog heads. Kill zombies near the heads, and they’ll suck the body up. Look for a wolf symbol painted on the wall in the following locations.
      • Dog #1: New Industries
      • Dog #2: Cell Block 2nd Floor
      • Dog #3: Eagle Pass
    2. Enter the Warden’s House-To-Showers fast-travel metal grate. Collect the Hell’s Retriever as you fly past it.

And that’s it! Now that you have the Hell’s Retriever, you can also upgrade it into the Hell’s Redeemer.

Step #1: Throw The Hell’s Retriever At The Spectral Image

To complete this step, you’ll need the Spectral Shield. Hold [LT / L2] to aim and look through your shield. You’ll be able to see glowing blue objects you couldn’t see before using the Spectral Shield’s Afterlife Vision.

  • Get zombie kills with the Hell’s Retriever in the Recreation Yard until the weapon begins to glow blue. After that, the Spectral Image will spawn.

Get enough kills with the Hell’s Retriever, and the Spectral Image will spawn in one of six locations. Use the Spectral Shield (aim-down-sights) to look and find this image.

  • Spectral Image Locations:
    • Recreation Yard: From the catwalk, stop when you turn left to cross the yard bridge. The image may appear on the concrete wall to the right, past the barbed wire.
    • Recreation Yard: From the bridge in the center of the Recreation Yard, check the rocks on the path to the Prison Entrance.
    • Citadel: Through the window with the twisted metal fence, with the hanging dead bodies.
    • Citadel: To the right, through the cracked wall where the three demon dog images appear.
    • Eagle Pass: On the prison wall, above the Warden’s Office.
    • Eagle Pass: In the cracked ground out-of-map, near the jutting pipe.

Once you find the Spectral Image, throw the Hell’s Retriever at it’s location. It will flash yellow, and remove the Hell’s Retriever from your inventory.

Step #2: Summon The Hell’s Redeemer

To summon the Hell’s Redeemer, wait until you reach a special Zombie Dog round. When only undead dogs are spawning, use the charged Spectral Shield to Spectral Blast the Warden’s Office desk.

The Hell’s Redeemer will then spawn back at its original location. Use the Warden’s House-To-Showers fast-travel metal grate and collect it.

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