Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood Of The Dead – How To Turn On Power

Revisit “Mob of the Dead” in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and you’ll find some of those old Zombies tricks. “Blood of the Dead” is a huge, expanded remake of “Mob”, featuring the same prison with even more areas to visit on the island. All the old stuff is still there, so that means you’ll need to go around flipping power switches all over again to access every area of the map.

“Blood of the Dead” splits the map into two major areas. There’s the Lab where you start at spawn, and then the massive prison complex that’s even bigger than before. You’ll need to activate the Power Switch in the Power House, then cross the Catwalk to explore the rest of the prison — there are lots of doors to unlock, but if you want to turn on the lights and get the keys you need to continue those Easter egg quests, then you’ll need to start here.

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Blood Of The Dead – How To Turn On Power


Power is off in the “Blood of the Dead” map when you start. Like other Treyarch maps, there are multiple Power Switches you’ll need to activate. Each Power Switch activates doors — and activating both Power Switches will cause the Warden to drop his keys. You’ll need that key for later. For now, here’s where to get the first Power Switch.

  • Power Switch #1: Located in the Power House. It’s located in the back-left corner from the exterior door.
    • Starting from Richtofen’s Laboratory Spawn, go to Model Industries, then West Grounds, then the Power House.

The second switch is a lot more complicated. You’ll need to reach the prison area, then from Michigan Avenue, find the Citadel tunnels. Keep going deeper and deeper underground until you find a cell block called China Alley. Through one of the gates, you’ll find Building 64.

  • Power Switch #2: Located in Building 64.
    • Starting from the West Grounds, go to the Catwalk, Recreation Yard, Cell Block Entrance, D-Block, C-D Street, Cell Block 3rd Floor, Michigan Avenue, Citadel, Citadel Tunnels, China Alley, and finally Building 64.

Each power switch will turn-on the power for the respective “zone” of the map. The first Power Switch activates the Richtofen’s Lab area power, and the second power switch activates power for the Prison area.

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