Black Ops 4 Zombies: Voyage of Despair – How To Complete The Main Easter Egg | ‘Abandon Ship’ Guide

Earn the Abandon Ship achievement / trophy and complete the main Easter egg quest on “Voyage of Despair” — here’s how to do all the secret steps in this Titanic-themed Black Ops 4: Zombies map. On every Zombies map, there’s a huge, optional quest that’s very, very tricky to complete. Usually it requires the entire Zombies community to join together to figure out every complex puzzle.

And “Voyage of Despair” is pretty complex. After unlocking the Pack-a-Punch, you’ll need to locate clocks that have changed times. Using the clocks as your guide, you’ll need to input minutes / hours into special dials. There’s more too — later, you’ll have to lead special elemental zombies to power outlets. Blasting an elemental zombie near the proper outlet summons a ritual symbol. And it just keeps going.

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Voyage of Despair – Main Easter Egg Guide

[Work-in-Progress: The community is working on solutions right now! Check back soon for more steps.]

Before starting the Main Easter Egg quest, you’ll need to activate the Sentinel Artifact and unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. Check the ‘Voyage of Despair’ Pack-a-Punch guide above for details.

Step #1: Align The Dials

After using the Pack-a-Punch once, the 4 clocks will change across the ship. PaP symbols will appear near the clocks that have changed. Your goal for this step is:

  1. Find the 4 Clocks that have changed.
  2. Find the Symbol near each clock.
  3. Find the Dials, and move the Dials to match the corresponding Clocks.

For the first step, you’ll need to actually locate all the clocks. The clocks spawn in random locations. Check the following locations to find the clocks, and learn what symbol corresponds to that clock.

  • Clock #1: Captain’s Bridge – The clock directly above the bridge wheel.
    • Symbol: Under a desk on the opposite wall from the clock.
  • Clock #2: Grand Staircase – At the top of the Grand Staircase.
    • Symbol: Above a door, up the right steps from the clock.
  • Clock #3: 3rd Class – Take the stairs down to the Turbine Room. Found to the left, at the base of the stairs.
    • Symbol: Look behind luggage, near the stairs leading up.
  • Clock #4: 1st Class Lounge – Above the fireplace in the lounge.
    • Symbol: Left of the Mystery Box spawn.
  • Clock #5: Mailroom – To the right of the door that leads to the Cargo Hold.
    • Symbol: Under the stairs in the Mailroom.
  • Clock #6: Galley – On the wall opposite the hanging corpse.
    • Symbol: On the cabinets, left of the clock.

Once you’ve found the four random clocks and symbols, it’s time to input the codes on Dials. The Dials are located in the Captain’s Bridge (control the minutes) and the Engine Room / Poop Deck (control the hours) — the Captain’s Bridge dials can be altered to match the minute hands, and the Engine Room / Poop Deck dials can be altered to match the hour hands.

The minute-hand dials can be adjusted in 5-minute increments. The hour-hand dials can be adjusted by the hour.

Match the symbols to the dials (the same symbol will appear on both) — the dials will make a sound when aligned correctly and lock into place.

Step #2: Charge The Outlets

After successfully locking-in all the dials, electrical outlets will begin to spark in four random locations. The outlets will spark in one of four different colors — you need to lead an Elemental Special Zombie to the outlet and kill it. The Elemental Special Zombie must match the elemental color of the outlet sparks.

  • Electrical Outlet Locations:
    • Grand Staircase (Top)
    • Galley
    • 3rd Class Berths
    • State Rooms
    • Aft Decks
    • More locations. I’ll list more here as they’re discovered.

After charging the outlets with the correct elemental power, a ritual symbol will appear on the ground nearby.

Step #3: Complete The Ritual Trial

All four players need to stand on a Ritual symbol that appeared in the previous step. When all four players are standing on one of the symbols, the symbol will glow. Hold [Interact] at the same time to teleport into the trial.

  • Defeat enemies until the area is clear, and you can collect a fake Sentinel Artifact.

Complete all four rituals (Fire, Acid, Ice, Lightning) to collect the true Sentinel Artifact.

  • Complete the rituals in this order: [UNCONFIRMED]
    • Acid
    • Ice
    • Lightning
    • Fire

Step #4: Solve The Solar System Puzzle

Complete all four rituals, then travel to the Boiler Room. For this step, you’ll need the Acid Ammo for the Kraken. Kill an acid special zombie to swap out acid ammo on the Kraken.

  • Shoot leaking pipes around the Boiler Room with the Acid Kraken until the room floods. The fires will go out.

After that, you’ll be able to place the true Sentinel Artifact into the Pack-a-Punch.

Travel to the Cargo Hold and locate the solar system puzzle. [Interact] with the solar system model, and the planets will flash in a specific order. This is the order you need to shoot the symbols around the map — each symbol corresponds to a planet.

Find the symbols and shoot them in the order shown by the solar system model. After shooting the symbols, collect the nearby orbs that spawn.

  • Determine the planet order with the solar system puzzle, then shoot the planet-symbols in order. Shoot one symbol, collect the nearby orb, then shoot the next symbol in sequence. The last symbol is for the Sun.

Interact with the final Sun Essence in the Forecastle / Spawn — when all players [Interact] at the same time, you’ll enter the final trial.

Step #5: The Sun Trial

From the Forecastle, you must fight your way to the Poop Deck. Hordes of zombies will spawn, and ice has blocked the doors. Shoot the ice to break through. Fight all the way to the original Sentinel Artifact spawn. Break the ice and a portal will appear.

Step #6: The Final Boss

Interact with the portal that appears after completing the Sun Trial. All players must [Interact] with the portal at the same time.

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more locations and details!]

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