Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood Of The Dead – How To Get The Acidgat & Magmagat | Wonder Weapon Guide

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Upgrading your arsenal is a big part of every Black Ops 4: Zombies Easter egg quest, and one of the best Wonder Weapons you can acquire while running around “Blood Of The Dead” is the Acidgat. Essentially, you’re turning a standard four-barreled super-shotgun into an acid-spraying monster weapon. It’s crazy good, and you can even Pack-a-Punch the Acidgat for an instant improvement.

It isn’t too tricky. You just need to acquire the Blundergat, then go hunting for three parts. In a nice twist, these parts always spawn in the exact same locations. You won’t have to go hunting down random spawn points. These are always exactly where they’re meant to be.

Learn how to make the Acid Gat and where to get all the parts you need to construct the kit in the full guide below.

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Blood Of The Dead – How To Get The Acid Gat & Magma Gat | Wonder Weapon Guide

[UPDATE: Added instructions to construct the Acidgat upgrade, the Magmagat!]


The Blundergat is a powerful super-shotgun you can get from the Mystery Box. It can be upgraded in several different ways, but the first step is the Acidgat — and it’s surprisingly easy.

To create the Acidgat kit, you need to find three hidden parts. Find all three parts, then construct the kit on a workbench. Once that’s made, you just need to drop the Blundergat into the kit to create the Acidgat.

After building the Acidgat kit, you can upgrade again to get the Magmagat. Learn how in the instructions below.

Acid Gat – Kit Parts Locations

  • Part #1: Transverse Tunnel – Found on the ground in the tunnel linking New Industries to the Power House.
  • Part #2: Sally Port – Found in the sideroom on the path to the Warden’s Office area. Requires the Warden’s Key to unlock the metal gate.
    • To get the Warden’s Key, activate both Power Switches to summon Brutus. Defeat him, and you’ll be able to collect the Warden’s Key from his body.
  • Part #3: Infirmary – In a locked cabinet in the corner of the Infirmary. Once again, you’ll need the Warden’s Key to unlock the cabinet and collect the glowing green container.

The Acidgat is a more powerful Blundergat that adds acid damage to all shots, burning zombies over time. You can continue to upgrade the Acidgat, too!

  • Vitriolic Withering (Acidgat Upgrade): Pack-a-Punch the Acidgat to create a PaP’d version of the Wonder Weapon.

How To Get The Magmagat 

After building the Acidgat, you can upgrade the weapon again and turn it into the Magmagat. First, you’ll need to create the Vitriolic Withering. Place the Acidgat into a Pack-a-Punch machine to get it. Easy.

Go to the fireplace in the Warden’s House (back-right room, first floor) and place the Vitriolic Withering in the fireplace. Kill zombies to charge the blue skulls that appear over the fireplace. Get kills near the fireplace until all three skulls light up with blue fire.

This is when things get tricky. Collect the Acidgat from the fireplace, and you’ll see that it is now Tempered. The weapon glows blue, but it will only remain this way for a limited time. You need to travel to New Industries — and you need to keep the blue fire on the Acidgat burning. To do this, touch the Tempered Blundergat to burning blue fire barrels on the way to New Industries. Follow this route.

  • Blood of the Dead Route – Warden’s Office to New Industries
    • Warden’s House
    • Eagle Plaza (Blue Barrel)
    • Warden’s Office
    • Administration
    • Sally Port
    • Michigan Avenue (Blue Barrel)
    • Times Square (Blue Barrel)
    • Cell Block Entrance
    • Recreation Yard (Blue Barrel)
    • Catwalk
    • West Grounds (Blue Barrel)
    • New Industries

Once you reach New Industries, placed the Tempered Blundergat into the massive green press. After a few moments, blue ghosts will appear and light the placed weapon on fire, turning the weapon into the Magmagat, the ultimate version of this Wonder Weapon.

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