Black Ops 4 Zombies: Voyage Of Despair – Elemental Kraken Wonder Weapon Guide | All 4 Upgrades

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Need more firepower to destroy the zombified denizens of a doomed ship? That’s what the Elemental Kraken Wonder Weapon is for in Black Ops 4: Zombies. In “Voyage of Despair”, you can grab your own three-barreled super gun from any Mystery Box, and if you want to dish out more damage to the ever-deadlier zombie hordes, here’s how you can upgrade it.

There are four different upgrades, and it all depends on the parts you collect. Thankfully, you can actually easily swap between different elemental damage types — as long as you’ve got enough points to keep switching upgrades. It all depends on the zombie parts you harvest. Learn all about the Elemental Kraken (and how upgrading it works) with the full guide.

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Voyage Of Despair – Elemental Kraken Wonder Weapon Guide | All 4 Upgrades

Before hunting down the Elemental Kraken, you’ll need to acquire the Kraken Wonder Weapon. You can get it from any Mystery Box in “Voyage of Despair”. Many of the parts will spawn in one of two random locations. Check both locations to find the part you need.

Step #1: Collect The Upgrade Parts

For the first step, you need to collect three parts to upgrade the Kraken. These parts are found in random locations all around the Titanic. Search the ship to get all three parts.

  • Part #1: Chamber
    • Location #1: 1st Class Lounge – On a table next to the interior window, next to the door.
    • Location #2: 1st Class Lounge – On the table in the interior corner.
  • Part #2: Barrel
    • Location #1: Cargo Hold – From the Pack-a-Punch pedestal, follow the wall right (past the old car) to the large object.
    • Location #2: Cargo Hold – Behind the stairs, on top of a brown crate.
  • Part #3: Metal Tubing
    • Location #1: Galley – Deeper inside, found on a brown shelf along the back wall.
    • Location #2: Galley – On the preparation table in the burning room.

Step #2: Choosing The Elemental Upgrade

Getting the basic upgrade parts is just the first step. The next step will determine what type of elemental Kraken upgrade you’ll create.

In “Voyage of Despair”, you’ll find elemental zombies with different special effects. Killing these zombies will get you the last elemental component required to create the Elemental Kraken.

  • Acid, Fire, Ice & Lightning Element: Kill the special zombies with the corresponding element you want (Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow) then collect the corpse piece they drop. Collect the piece, and you’ll have the final component.

Now that you have all four parts, it’s time to build the Elemental Kraken.

Step #3: Building The Elemental Kraken

Go to the Engine Room and enter the main chamber. Here, you’ll find a unique workbench that can only be used to build the Elemental Kraken upgrade.

First, construct Ammo Kit with the three parts we collected earlier. After that, you can spend 6000 points to unlock the upgraded Elemental Kraken. Depending on what elemental zombie part you’re carrying, you can insert it into the Ammo Kit to change the elemental damage of the Kraken.

You can change the Elemental Kraken to any of the four elements. Just insert different zombie pieces with different elements. It will cost 6000 points each time.

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