Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood Of The Dead – How To Get Hell’s Retriever | Wonder Weapon Guide

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The Hell’s Retriever is a returning weapon from the original map that inspired “Blood of the Dead” — “Mob of the Dead”, and you can unlock it basically the same way as before. It’s a bonus Wonder Weapon that replaces your grenades, giving you a limitless tomahawk you can throw at zombies. It returns to the user after every throw, meaning you can keep this bad boy for an entire session. You’ll need it to complete parts of the main Easter egg too.

Why? Because like the original Hell’s Retriever, this version can grab items / power-ups from outside the map. Or inside the map. Just throw the tomahawk at something you want, and that item will return to the user with the tomahawk. It’s a cool little weapon, and I’m sure it’ll be important for the complicated secret quest that’s mandatory with every single Zombies map. Learn how to get it in the quick guide below.

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Blood Of The Dead – How To Get Hell’s Retriever | Wonder Weapon Guide

This is a returning Easter egg from the original “Mob of the Dead” map. Just like in that previous map, you can feed zombie souls to three infernal, hellish dog heads. Find the Cerberus heads, then kill zombies near them. You’ll need “feed” about 10~ zombies to each Cerberus.

  • Cerberus Head #1: New Industries – In the corner with the wooden desk.
  • Cerberus Head #2: Cell Block 2nd Floor – Floating behind the metal railings.
  • Cerberus Head #3: Eagle Plaza – Above the window on the building, outside the Warden’s Office.

After feeding the Cerberus heads and making all three disappear, simply use one of the transport grates to fast-travel through the depths of the prison. Use the fast-travel grate in the Showers / Warden’s House. While travelling, you’ll spot the Hell’s Retriever Tomahawk as you glide. Grab it as you pass!

The Hell’s Retriever replaces grenades. It’s a throwable weapon that kills zombies, then flies back to you. You can also use it to collect items outside the map, or outside the bounds of where you can walk — but that’s a detail that will only be important for the main Easter egg quest.

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