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Enjoy a truly terrifying sight — last gen graphics — in Black Ops 4: Zombies. There are multiple jumpscare Easter eggs hidden in Classic Zombies, and you’ll need a Sniper Rifle (and lots of bravery) to handle these spooky sights.

We’ve already confirmed one scary image; Richtofen last-gen model, which has quickly become a meme all on its own. The face doesn’t look great. Even worse? The Shadowman, the monster from Black Ops 3 returns for its own startling debut. If you want to check out these tiny Easter eggs yourself, just check out the full guide below for all the details. It’s all about pointing your scope in the right direction.

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Where To Find Every Jumpscare Easter Egg

[NOTE: You need to play in CLASSIC to catch these Easter eggs. You cannot play with mutations active.]

To catch a jumpscare Easter egg, you need a scoped weapon like a Sniper Rifle. It needs a long sniper scope to work. You’ll also need to look at just the right spot on the map. If you check the correct spot, something will jump out at you in your scope — and it’s always an Easter egg.

Blood of the Dead – Jumpscare Location

To checkout the Shadowman in a fast jumpscare moment, you’ll need to reach the Recreation Yard.

  • Location: Recreation Yard – As you exit the Catwalk and reach the Recreation Yard, aim your Sniper Rifle scope to the left, at the cracked wall. There’s a brown house with a dark window behind the broken wall. Aim at the dark window, and the Shadowman will appear.

This face is waiting for you on Classified.

Classified – Jumpscare Location

This jumpscare flashes the old Richtofen face model. Yeah, it’s real ugly.

  • Location: Groom Lake – Go to the Pack-a-Punch room (check the guides linked above for details) to access Groom Lake. Once you arrive via teleporter, leave the starting area, and turn left. Use a sniper scope to look at the door on the satellite array in the distance — it’s the door under a bright white light.

If you look at the door, Richtofen’s face will jump out at you. Spooky!

There might be even more jumpscares in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. If there are, we’ll update this article with more frightening Easter egg locations!

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