Black Ops 4 Zombies: Voyage of Despair – How To Pack-A-Punch | Upgrade Guide

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Take your first water-logged steps in “Voyage of Despair” and see how to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine the easy way in Black Ops 4: Zombies. Trapped in a strange distortion of time, you’ll have the entire Titanic to explore on this expansive map. Unlocking the Pack-a-Punch is pretty easy, all things considered, you just need to find the Sentinel Artifact and interact with four symbols.

Getting to those symbols? That’s another story. The Titanic is massive, and this Zombies map lets you dive underwater. You’ll have to explore the iconic Grand Staircase, slide around the Poop Deck, and drain water in the Cargo Hold to find all the symbols. Learn where to get them all in the quick guide below. You’ll be Pack-a-Punching in no time.

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Voyage of Despair – How To Pack-A-Punch | Upgrade Guide

The Pack-a-Punch is a machine that upgrades weapons. You’ll need to complete Easter egg quest steps to unlock the PaP machine. Once it is unlocked, you can upgrade a weapon for 5000 points. The weapon will become stronger, have more ammo, get a shiny camo skin, and sometimes gain unique special effects, like explosive bullets.

Step #1: Get The Artifact

Unlock doors to reach the Poop Deck in the opposite side of the ship from Spawn. Climb to the raised platform to find a special artifact — the Sentinel Artifact. It’s easily visible and glows blue. Your character will comment on “the artifact” when you’re near it.

Activate it, and three things will happen — the stack in the distance will explode, teleporters will activate, and four glowing symbols will fly around the map.

Step #2: Collect All 4 Glowing Symbols

After activating the artifact, symbols will spread all around the map. You need to interact with the symbols — the first one is in the Poop Deck, right above the pedestal where the Pack-a-Punch machine will actually appear. You can activate the symbols in any order.

  • Symbol #1: Poop Deck – Above the pedestal with four symbols, in the center.
  • Symbol #2: Turbine Room – Underwater, swim through the open passage to the giant red turbine.
  • Symbol #3: Grand Staircase – At the very bottom of the Grand Staircase.
  • Symbol #4: Cargo Hold – Drain the water with the red valve in the Cargo Hold to find it along the far-right wall.

Step #3: Pack-a-Punch!

The pedestal will transform into a Pack-a-Punch after activating all four symbols. Like on every map, the Pack-a-Punch is required to upgrade your weapons. It costs 5,000 points to upgrade a weapon, and it’s well worth it if you want to survive into the high rounds.

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