Black Ops 4 Zombies: Classified – How To Pack-A-Punch | Upgrade Guide

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Raid in the CIA in “Classified”, another updated retro map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. This time, you’ll be able to explore an enhanced version of “Five”, the wacky Black Ops 1 Zombies map that included some unlikely world leaders. You don’t reprise your roles, but you do get to shoot zombies all around the Pentagon. All the familiar locations are here, plus some new spots like the Server Room down underground.

The War Room is your primary target. The underground teleporter is how you’ll access the Pack-a-Punch machine and turn your standard weapons into tools of ultimate zombie destruction. To activate the teleporter, you’ll need to flip all five Defcon switches in the War Room. The standard teleporter isn’t strong enough — the tricky part is finding all the pieces to the Teleporter Signal Amplifier. Learn where to go, and what to do with the complete guide below.

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Classified – How To Pack-A-Punch | Upgrade Guide

The Pack-a-Punch is a machine that upgrades weapons. You’ll need to complete Easter egg quest steps to unlock the PaP machine. Once it is unlocked, you can upgrade a weapon for 5000 points. The weapon will become stronger, have more ammo, get a shiny camo skin, and sometimes gain unique special effects, like explosive bullets.


Step #1: Build The Signal Amplifier

For the first step, you need to construct an Amplifier and unlock the teleporter in the War Room. To get all the parts, just check the locations listed below.

  • Part #1: Metal Housing
    • Location #1: Main Offices – In the back of the room, near the perk machine. Look under the hanging flag on the left.
    • Location #2: Main Offices – On a desk in the center of the office.
    • There may be more locations. I’ll update this guide with more locations as they’re discovered.
  • Part #2: Wired Device
    • Location #1: Morgue – On the small metal shelf next to a corpse’s head, in the iron lung devices on the left.
    • Location #2: Morgue – To the right of the small office, on a desk near the hallway door.
    • Location #3: Morgue – In the office, on the desk chair.
    • There may be more locations. I’ll update this guide with more locations as they’re discovered.
  • Part #3: Metal Part
    • Flip all four Defcon switches in the War Room. Three switches are located in the War Room (Upper / Lower Level) and one switch is in the Server Room.
    • Enter the teleporter that activates in the center of the room. It takes you to the Panic Room.
      • In the Panic Room, collect the final part behind the secret door that opens up.

Now that you have all three parts, return to the workbench in Weapons Testing. Construct the Amplifier at a workbench and collect it.

Step #2: Enhance The War Room Teleporter

Now that you have the Amplifier, take it down to the War Room and find the teleporter. Look at the base of the teleporter, and you’ll be able to place the Teleporter Signal Amplifier. Place it, then reactivate all five Defcon switches.

When all five switches are activated, you’ll unlock the teleporter in the center of the War Room. Stepping into the portal takes you to Groom Lake, AKA Area 51. The Pack-a-Punch Machine is right there!

Step #3: Pack-a-Punch!

The Pack-a-Punch is accessible in Groom Lake through the enhanced teleporter. You just need to visit this location whenever you want to power-up your weapons. Insert the weapon you’re holding into the Pack-a-Punch to upgrade it. It costs 5,000 points per use.

You can stay indefinitely. Just use the main teleporter in the back of the area to exit. To return, reactivate the Defcon switches to turn on the teleporter again.

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