Black Ops 4: Blackout Is Full Of Zombies Mode Secrets & Easter Eggs | Wonder Weapons, Bunkers & More

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Call of Duty just can’t resist the throaty growl of the undead, as everyone’s favorite rotting corpses have also invaded Black Ops 4’s premier new mode Blackout. Not only can you actually do battle with the undead in spooky locales based off of old Zombies maps, you can also earn unique Wonder Weapons you can’t get anywhere else in the game. It’s a shocking inclusion that has got freaks that love the Zombies mode super-hyped.

I’ve done a whole lot of exploring around the Blackout map, and I’ve found some really cool stuff. Not only can you return to the infamous Nuke Town map, this time literally a bombed-out, burned shell, but you can also explore a bonus bunker that’s an incredibly complex, awesome location. It’s worth looting and enjoying the scenery. You might even run into a zombie or two. Here’s hoping there are way, way more Easter eggs on the map, but here’s what I’ve found so far.

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Zombies Secrets & Easter Eggs In Blackout Mode

The Blackout map is full of hidden Call of Duty: Zombies secrets. We’re still looking for more, so if you’ve found something we missed, please let us know in the comments section!

The Big Blue Light & Mystery Boxes

The Mystery Box is back, and you can earn some amazing weapons or high-powered armor. You’ll see the Mystery Box light from a distance — it’s a big pillar just like in Zombies mode. You don’t spend money on the Mystery Box, but it does draw plenty of dangerous attention. Including attack zombies.

You can open the Mystery Box and get a different reward every time. After a few rolls, the Mystery Box will disappear and reappear somewhere else. Everyone on the map can see these blue beacons, so be careful when approaching or you’ll have more than just a few zombies to worry about.

Ray Guns, Cymbal Monkeys & Zweihanders

Not only are there honest-to-god Zombies in Blackout, but they drop unique loot. The areas where Zombies spawn also tend to have powerful, unique zombies-related weaponry, but I was only able to get these Wonder Weapons by defeating zombies.

The Zweihander is an insane SMG-like heavy weapon that fires bullets from two-barrels, totally shredding anyone in close-range. I was able to find multiple of these just by killing a few zombies. I was also able to find a Ray Gun, a little pistol that shoots powerful lasers. It’s probably less useful, but still an awesome little find.

Finally, there’s the Cymbal Monkey. You can toss this little guy on the ground to trap an area — I’m not sure what it does. Some people are convinced the Cymbal Monkey actually summons zombies when set-off by another player. I haven’t seen it in action, but I’ve found plenty in zombie-infested areas like Nuke Town, the Lighthouse, and the Asylum.

Asylum Is Straight Out Of Verruckt

Speaking of the Asylum, this zone is straight out of Verruckt — a map that appeared all the way back in Call of Duty: World at War. This asylum is full of special weapons. I was able to find the Cymbal Monkey and a unique single-shot rifle in the director’s office. You’ll find everything a Zombies map should have — bloody surgery rooms, heads littered about, and ruined corridors blocked with twisted metal wreckage.

The entire area is a little spooky. Nearby, you can also explore an unnamed graveyard where a Mystery Box will (sometimes) spawn.

There’s An Amazing 60’s Era Bunker Under Nuke Town

The best area I’ve found so far is the bunker under Nuke Town. Regularly, Nuke Town just looks like a bombed version of the map we know and love — two houses facing each other, with two trucks between. One is an open trailer, and the other is a bus.

Things get a lot more interesting when you go underground. There are three hatches in Nuke Town, and all of them lead to a different part of the massive interconnected bunker. The bunker is retro chic, filled with spooky mannequins and pristine wood-panel rooms that just scream swingin’. You’ll find a luscious bedroom, a lounge, and a kitchen. The lounge even has facsimiles of backyards so the underground dwellers can enjoy their model life underground. It’s awesome, and full of items to loot.

We’ve also found the gas station from the Transit map, unique single-shot rifles that only drop in Zombies-like areas, and a lighthouse that seems partially inspired by Call of the Dead. Let us know what you’ve found!

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Black Ops 4: Blackout Is Full Of Zombies Mode Secrets & Easter Eggs