Black Ops 4: Blackout – 10 Insane Tips & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About | Battle Royale Guide

Blackout, the new Battle Royale mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is full of strange, hidden little secrets most of us won’t discover on our own. At least, I won’t — so I looked to the community to find all the awesome little things I missed while fighting for my life across the biggest map in the franchise.

And there is a lot of awesome stuff you can do in this game. Whether it’s sticking Trophy Systems onto Helicopters for a mobile rocket defense, shooting down supply drops, or finding Easter egg areas that are jam-packed with loot, there’s plenty of unconventional tactics and secret strategies you can exploit to improve your chances of victory. Or, at the very least, do something cool and unexpected.

That’s the fun of Blackout. You can play it light a straight-up conventional shooter, or you can experiment like a Battle Royale mad scientist. These tactics aren’t going to teach you how to win, but they will teach you some strange stuff you probably didn’t know about.

Sensor Dart + Vehicle = Mobile Personal UAV from Blackops4

#1: Attach A Sensor Dart To A Vehicle For Mobile UAV

Keep an eye out for campers or ambushes with this insanely-handy trick. Drop a Sensor Dart on your vehicle — any vehicle will do, but it’s best saved for the Chopper / Heavy Truck. The Sensor Dart will stay active as you drive around, and mark any nearby opponents on your map. Just drive by houses, and you can instantly see if there’s anyone inside.

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#2: Attach A Sensor Dart To A Recon Drone To Scout Areas Safely

This can only be done in duos / quads. You’ll need to activate the scout car, and a friend can throw on a sensor dart while you’re controlling it. With that pairing, you can search an area fast while you’re safely hidden / protected by your team.

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#3: Return To A Famous Black Ops 1 Site For Easy Loot & A Chopper

Drop down northwest of the Firing Range and look for a big blue tarp in the middle of the trees. It’s an unnamed location, but one fans of Call of Duty should recognize — it’s the site where the player and Woods steal a Hind-D in the jungle! There’s a ton of loot here. Sometimes you’ll even find Gold Weapons or Supply Drop chests. There’s always a vehicle too; either a chopper or a heavy truck. It’s also a very rarely-visited spot. You can safely loot and scoot off to a new location.

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#4: Don’t Want To Get Blown Up? Throw A Trophy System Into Your Chopper

This almost seems unfair. The Trophy System is a deployable you can play that protects the area from rockets / grenades, instantly destroying them before they hit you. If you want mobile protection, just dump a Trophy System onto your vehicle of choice. It’ll pop any incoming rockets right away, so you won’t have to fear chumps with rocket launchers.

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#5: Shoot Down The Supply Drop Plane To Force The Loot Down Early

Want to see something awesome? You can use the rocket launcher’s lock-on to destroy the Supply Drop plane. There’s a cool animation, and the Supply Drop will appear at the plane crash site. If you really want to deprive everyone else of some loot, or be the first to grab it when a plane is flying overhead, you can totally do that.

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#6: Stockpile Healing And Camp Out In The Storm To Pick Off Opponents At The End

Especially useful if you have access to an interior or rooftop, while your opponents rush into the middle of the circle. You won’t die instantly — if you have the healing, it’s actually safer staying outside the circle. Enemies will very rarely rush you. Super useful if you’re outnumbered.

#7: You Can Store Loot Items On The Truck

Not only can you drop a Sensor Dart / Trophy System onto a vehicle, you can also load down vehicles with loot items. If you can’t carry everything, dumb your items onto the truck bed. According to Treyarch, 10-20 items can be placed onto a vehicle. Literally, you’ll have to just drop the item onto it.

#8: Change Your Mini-Map Options For Ease-Of-Use

Go to Options in the main menu and select the Blackout tab. Here, you can change your mini-map — you can swap from Square to Round. The Square mini-map doesn’t reorient as you move. The Round mini-map does. If you’re a long-time CoD player, you should find the round mini-map much more familiar. Give it a try, and see if it improves your navigation skills.

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#9: Use The Trauma Kit Before A Fight To Boost Your Health To 200

There are three types of healing items — bandages, medkits, and the trauma kit. Each one is more powerful than the last, but the trauma kit is king because it can boost your health up to 200 — or +50 over the standard cap. That extra health can make or break your session. If you find a Trauma Kit and have other health items to spare, just use it right away. No need to save it.

#10: Be The First Guy On The Ground – Gaining Wingsuit Speed

Want to go faster in the Wingsuit? After dropping out of the helicopter, immediately zip straight down to about 65-70 m/s — then wingsuit to your destination. You’ll gain speed thanks to the dip in altitude, and speed straight ahead of everyone else. It’s a really simple trick, but very easy to miss.