Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood Of The Dead – How To Get The Gold Spork | 1-Hit Kill Melee Weapon

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The Gold Spork is an incredibly powerful melee weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and it can be unlocked on “Blood of the Dead”. The shiny spork instakills zombies with melee attacks up into the high rounds, making it pretty invaluable, even if it takes you twenty rounds to get it.

Here, you’ll find all the steps required to unlock the Gold Spork melee weapon, which replaces your standard melee attack. Before you can get the Gold Spork, you’ll need to grab the Spoon. Like everything else in Zombies, there’s a secret method you can use to unlock the enhanced Gold Spork, and it’s pretty weird. Keep scrolling for the full guide, showing you how to get the secret Spoon melee weapon, and how to get the much-better, nigh-unstoppable Gold Spork.

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Blood Of The Dead – How To Get The Gold Spork | 1-Hit Kill Melee Weapon

The Gold Spork is one of the best melee weapons in any Zombies map — it can instakill zombies all the way up into Round 30 or so. Before you can get the ridiculous Gold Spork, you’ll need to acquire the standard Spork.

Step #1: Getting The Spoon

Before you can get the Gold Spork, you’ll need to get the Warden’s Key. This drops from Brutus, the boss zombie that spawns after flipping both power switches. You’ll also need to build the Shield, which is required for the Pack-a-Punch. You’ll also need to acquire the Hell’s Retriever, and the Acidgat.

Check the list of guides in the glossary above to learn how to build the Shield, get the Acidgat and get the Hell’s Retriever tomahawk.

Once you’ve got the Warden’s Key and the Shield, you can begin hunting for the Spork.

  1. Go to the Warden’s Office and equip the Shield. Aim-down-sights with the Shield to see three glowing numbers that appear on three papers on the wall.
    • Stand near the perk machine in the office, and look to the opposite wall. You’ll see two numbers (only visible while ADS with the Shield) on the pillars, and one number on the opposite wall. The numbers that appear here are random.
    • There may be multiple locations where these numbers appear. Check back soon for new updates showing all the number locations.
  2. Travel down to the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels and find the locked box with numbers. Unlock the cage with the Warden’s Key, then input the secret numbers into the locked box at the bottom.
    • To activate the number pads, use a charged Spirit Blast from your Shield to energize the pads. Interact with the pads to input each number.
  3. Input the code correctly, and the cage at the top of the Citadel Tunnels will collapse and fall into the water below.
  4. Go to the DocksĀ and charge the electricity gauge above the water with an Spirit Blast from your Shield.
    • That causes a crane to move above the gauge. Throw the Hell’s Retriever at the skeleton hanging inside the net to cause the Spoon to drop onto the crate below.

Now, anyone on your team can collect the Spoon at any time. It replaces your melee weapon.

Step #2: Getting The Gold Spork

For the next step, you’ll need the Acidgat and the Hell’s Retriever. Scroll up for links explaining how to get the Acidgat.

  1. Place the Spoon in the bath tub, in the second room on the right as you enter the Infirmary.
    • Hold [Interact] on the tub, and you’ll place your Spoon.
  2. Next, go to the Roof and earn kills with the Acidgat, Vitriolic Withering, or Magmagat. The more kills you get, the more blood will fill the bath tub in the Infirmary.
    • Continue to get kills on the Roof with any of the upgraded Blundergats until the tub is completely full.
  3. When the tub is full, hold [Interact] to drain it. The blood will pour out, and the Spoon will be gone.
  4. Next, travel to the middle section of the Catwalk where you have a good view of the bottom of the water tower.
    • Throw the Hell’s Retriever at the middle pipe at the bottom of the tower, where it meets the ground. If the tomahawk lands in just the right spot, it will come back with the Gold Spork.

And that’s it! You now have the Gold Spork. This insanely powerful melee weapon kills zombies into Round 30 with a single hit. That’s going to be very helpful if you want to complete Easter egg steps with friends.

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