Black Ops 4 Zombies: Blood of the Dead – How To Complete The Main Easter Egg | ‘Most Escape Alive’ Guide

Say goodbye to Alcatraz in “Blood of the Dead”, because you can escape the cursed island if you know how to complete the Easter egg quest. Like all the Black Ops 4: Zombies maps, there’s a secret path to completion — usually it involves weird puzzles, lots of secret items, and a final boss battle. Here, I’m going to explain every step to help you escape Alcatraz and earn the “Most Escape Alive” achievement / trophy.

This particular Easter egg has a whole lot of prep you’ll need to take care of. You’ll need the Spectral Shield, the Hell’s Retriever, and even the Spoon melee weapon to even get this Easter egg started. This Easter egg can’t even really begin until Round 18, which is pretty insane. No low-round completion allowed here.

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Blood of the Dead – How To Complete The Main Easter Egg | ‘Most Escape Alive’ Guide

Before getting started on the main Easter egg, you’ll need to Turn On Power, collect the Hell’s Retriever, get the Spectral Shield, turn on the Pack-a-Punch, and get the Spoon. Follow these guides for all the details.

You can complete these steps as you finish the main Easter egg quest. The first step is always unlocking the Pack-a-Punch.

Step #1: Enter The Warden’s Secret Room

After you’ve unlocked the Pack-a-Punch, it’s time to unlock the path to the Warden’s House. Reach Round 18 – and then hit the wall to the left (opposite the zombie window) in the second floor of the Warden’s House with the Spoon melee weapon.

After that, lead Brutus (the warden zombie) upstairs. Bait Brutus into using his EMP blast near the wall to unlock a secret room.

Inside the secret room, you’ll find the Warden strapped to an electric chair. [Interact] with the switch, and collect the red stone on a surface.

Step #2: Follow That Bird

Go to Richtofen’s Lab (Spawn Room) and [Interact] with the map on the wall to place the red stone. Next, interact with the Kronorium (a large book, Richtofen gives himself the book in the opening cutscene) to spawn a bird. The bird will fly away — you’ll need to find it four times. Once you locate the bird, hit it with a Spectral Blast from the Spectral Shield.

  • Bird Spawn Locations:
    • Bird #1: Catwalk
    • Bird #2: New Industries
    • Bird #3: Richtofen’s Lab (Upper Level)
    • Bird #4: Library
    • Bird #5: Recreation Yard
    • Bird #6: Infirmary
    • Bird #7: Roof (Above Entrance Door)
    • Bird #8: Eagle Plaza (Above Warden’s Office)
    • Bird #9: Cafeteria (Above Entrance Door)
    • Bird #10: Cell Block 2nd Floor (Below Devil Dog)
    • Bird #11: Citadel (Near Michigan Avenue Stairs)
    • Bird #12: Above The Lighthouse

Blast the bird with Spectral Blast and it will disappear, then reappear in a new random location. When you reach the find (fourth) cycle, you’ll hear a man laughing in the distance. Use the Spectral Shield to view the bird — it should look different.

  • Fourth Bird – What To Do: When you reach the fourth bird, don’t hit it with the Spectral Blast.
    1. Go to the number code inputter at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels. Input the code “8-7-2” to enter Zombie Blood Mode.
    2. Look at the fourth bird through the Spectral Shield with Zombie Blood Mode active.
    3. Next, throw the Hell’s Retriever / Redeemer at the bird.

If you follow those steps, the bird will drop the Kronorium (old book) and you can collect it.

Step #3: Complete The Trials

Take the Kronorium to the Warden’s Secret Room in the Warden’s House. Place it on the body in the electric chair, then use the Spectral Shield to view the book. Three random numbers will appear.

Input the three numbers into the code inputter at the bottom of the Citadel Tunnels.

If the code is accepted, look to the lighthouse. The lighthouse shines a beam of light to a specific area on the map. Go there to find a glowing red portal that’s only visible with the Spectral Shield. Use the Spectral Blast on the portal to make it appear for everyone.

There is a challenge trial at each of the portals. Complete a trial, and the light will move to a new location. Repeat the process to reveal the trial portal, and complete all four trials.

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new steps!]


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