Black Ops 4 Zombies: Classified – How To Unlock The “Shockwave” Easter Egg | Secret Song Guide

Cheers! There’s a new secret song recorded specifically for the “Classified” map in Black Ops 4: Zombies, recorded by the original vocalist that sang all the early Treyarch Zombies secret songs — Elena Siegman. That’s a nostalgic detail for super-fans of Zombies mode. For the rest of us, it’s just a cool little Easter egg you can unlock and impress your pals while blasting armies of the undead.

To listen to the secret song on “Classified”, you just need to find three hidden vodka bottles. These bottles aren’t labeled, and you won’t find any prompts to interact. But, if you do interact you’ll hear a unique clinking sound effect. Find all three, and the song will play for everyone on the map to hear. It’s really simple. Find all the vodka bottle locations listed in the full guide below.

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Classified – How To Unlock The “Shockwave” Easter Egg | Secret Song Guide

[Listen to the official song above for a clean recording of “Shockwave“.]

Like all previous secret song Easter eggs, to unlock the song and make it play all over the map, you’ll need to find three collectibles and interact with them. There is no prompt to interact, so make sure to hold down the button when facing each item. For this song, you need to find three hidden Vodka Bottles.

  • Vodka Bottle Locations:
    • Bottle #1: War Room: Lower Level – Down the steps from the Upper Level, go to the back-right corner and look under the terminal.
    • Bottle #2: Central Filing – From the Side Passage door, go all the way to the back and you’ll find this bottle on top of the last row of filing cabinets.
    • Bottle #3: Porcine Research – In the back-left corner of the lab, found below the War Rooms. As you enter, go to the back-left corner to find an open cabinet with a bottle inside.

Activate all three bottles, and the “Shockwave” song will begin to play. You’ll know you activated a bottle if you head glasses clinking together.

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