Black Ops 4 Zombies: Classified – How To Get The Winter’s Howl | Wonder Weapon Guide

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The Winter’s Fury is a powerful, and very secret, Wonder Weapon included in the “Classified” DLC map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. To get it, you’ll need to track down four secret (and randomly generated) codes, then input the codes in a computer. It’s worth the wait, because the Winter’s Howl (the original version) absolutely destroys the undead hordes.

It goes without saying that this Wonder Weapon is all about ice. You can freeze a crowd of zombies with a single blast. It’s even found in a unique room you can’t access unless you’re prepared to blast tons (and tons) of zombies. It’s just one quick trip to Area 51. You’ll need to turn on the power and unlock the Pack-a-Punch before attempting this Easter egg quest. Get all the details (and lots of links to more guides) below.

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How To Get The Winter’s Howl | Wonder Weapon Guide

Before beginning the Easter egg, turn on the power switch in the South Laboratories. Just follow the wires on the floor to the central power unit and flip the switch.

  • NOTE: You must have the Pack-a-Punch unlocked to complete this Easter egg quest. Check the links above for more details.

To complete these Easter egg, you’ll need to collect four secret codes and input them. The codes are random generated. They will be different every time.

Step #1: Get The Main Offices Code

You can collect the following codes in any order.

  • Get The Key: The key is found on a key rack, on the wall in the War Room: Lower Level, just outside the locked Panic Room doors. [Interact] to collect the key.
  • Unlock the Desk: Use the key on the mostly-clear middle desk in the Main Offices. Look for a desk with the clock in the center. [Interact] to unlock the drawer.
    • The first four-digit code will appear on a picture inside the drawer.

Write down or screenshot the code.

Step #2: Get The Panic Room Code

To get this code, you need to enter the Panic Room. Flip the Defcon switches in a specific order, then use the teleporter to access the second secret code.

  • Flip The Defcon Switches In This Order: Far-Right From Elevator Upper Level, Server Room, Left From Elevator Upper Level, Lower Level.

Enter the Panic Room through the War Room teleporter, then find the television screen on the left. It’s on the lower rack. [Interact] with it, and the second secret code will appear when the TV slides back.

Step #3: Get The Deserted Hallway Code

For this secret code, you will need an explosive weapon. Standard grenades will not work. You can Pack-a-Punch the shotgun, or Pack-a-Punch the starting revolver. Or, use the Mystery Box for an explosive.

To make the third code appear, you’ll need to shoot the paintings in the Deserted Hallway in a specific order. This will only work if you shoot the paintings with an explosive weapon. Shoot them in the right order very quickly.

  • Shoot The Portraits In This Order:
    • There are three portraits to the right of George Washington.
    • Shoot them in this order — middle, left, right.

The George Washington nameplate will open and reveal the third secret code.

Step #4: Get The South Laboratories Code

The final code is found in the South Laboratories. In the hallway outside the Weapons Testing Lab, look for a zombie window with a metal box inside. There’s a keypad directly left of the window.

Throw a frag grenade at the metal crate in this room. This is a weird one. Just keep throwing grenades — if you hear a chime, the last code picture will appear on the wall directly right of the window.

Step #5: Input The Codes & Get To Groom Lake

Go to the War Room: Lower Level and find the number input. It’s on the right side of a huge panel. Shoot the numbers to change them, then [Interact] with the red button to input the code.

You’ll need to input the codes in a specific order.

  • Code Input Order:
    1. Deserted Hallway Code
    2. Main Offices Code
    3. South Laboratories Code
    4. Panic Room Code

After that, flip the four Defcon switches and travel to Groom Lake (Pack-a-Punch) through the War Room teleporter.

Step #6: Survive Three Rounds

The next step is simple. You just need to survive three rounds in the Pack-a-Punch area. Don’t leave Area 51, a.k.a. Groom Lake for three full rounds.

If you survive that long, a door will clear to the left of the Pack-a-Punch. In the corner of this new area, you’ll find a weapon case that contains the Winter’s Howl Wonder Weapon.

  • The Winter’s Howl is an ice-blasting shotgun-like weapon that freezes multiple enemies with each shot.

The Winter’s Howl can also be Pack-a-Punched to create the Winter’s Fury.

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