Black Ops 4 Zombies: IX – How To Complete The Main Easter Egg | ‘Venerated Warrior’ Guide

Fight for fortune and glory in “IX”, one of the premier new maps in Black Ops 4: Zombies. The posse arrives in a deadly coliseum, and must fight to survive endless hordes of the undead. For most of us, these maps are all about survival — for the chosen few, there’s actually a way to win. You can reach a unique boss battle and earn an ending, if you complete some incredibly secret steps.

At the end of “IX”, you’ll face off against a pair of rampaging undead War Elephants. To get there, you’ll need to complete four tricky trials and solve a whole bunch of weird puzzles. There’s an Easter egg quest in every Zombies map, and they’re not for the faint of heart — only the best players, with a strong team, will ever manage to get far.

Thankfully, this one might just be possible. You might even be able to complete the map solo. Learn how to solve ever step of this massive puzzle in the full, complete main Easter egg quest guide below.

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IX – Main Easter Egg Guide

[Work-in-Progress: The community is working on solutions right now! Check back soon for more steps.]

To unlock the main Easter egg and experience the ending cutscene, you’ll need to complete a series of steps detailed below. Complete all the steps to fight a War Elephant final boss.

  • NOTE: The main Easter egg quest can only be completed on Classic Mode — you can not use mutations.

Before getting started, you must unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine and collect the Death of Orion Wonder Weapon. Follow the guides below for more details to unlock both.

Step #1: Get The Bone Meal, Dung & Ash Bowl

For the first step, you’ll need to collect three components — these three components area used to create Fertilizer later in the Easter egg. For now, you need to collect Dung, Ash, and Bone Meal.

  • Bone Meal:
    1. Collect the unique skull in the Temple. One skull will spawn in a random location. The skull has a “O” symbol on the forehead. Find the skull in one of these locations. [Image Source]
    2. Use a grenade / special ability on the unique skull and it will drop. [Interact] to pick it up.
    3. Go to the Flooded Crypt and locate the Grinder device in one of the indentations. Place the skull in the Grinder, then shoot the Grinder with the Death of Orion. Hit it with three fully-charged shots.
    4. Bone Meal will pour out. Collect the Bone Meal.
  • Dung:
    1. The crowd will throw Dung into the Spawn Arena if you reach the lowest Crowd Affinity.
    2. To lower your Crowd Affinity, throw grenades / shoot explosives into the crowd, then take damage. Step into the fire traps.
    3. Do it enough, and the crowd will boo and throw Dung as a “reward”.
  • Ash:
    1. Lead an Axe-Thrower Gladiator Zombie into the Spawn Arena. Lure it to throw axes at either of the two burning funeral pyres. If an axe hits the pyre, a chunk of wood will fall off the pyre.
    2. Take the wood and place it under the large cauldron in the room below the Odin Tower: Entrance. Wait three full turns.
    3. After three turns have past, collect the wood again. It is now ash.

Place the dung, ash, and bone meal into the bronze Offering Bowl in Zeus Tower: Bathhouse.

Step #2: Unlock The Danu Tower Trial

After placing the dung, ash, and bone meal into the bronze Offering Bowl in Zeus Tower: Bathhouse, wait two (or more) rounds and [Interact] with the bowl to collect the Fertilizer.

Place the Fertilizer between the trees in the entranceway to Danu Tower: Entrance. Again, wait two (or more) rounds and green smoke will appear above the fertilizer. To unlock the Danu Tower Trial, shoot the floor under the green smoke with any Pack-a-Punch weapon with an explosive fire effect.

This causes the floor to crack and glow blue. All players must stand on the blue glow and interact with the floor at the same time to teleport to the Danu Tower Trial.

  • How To Complete The Trial: Shoot the red objects on the tree around the monochrome tower to complete the trial challenge.

Step #3: Unlock The Ra Tower Trial

For the next step, you need to construct the Shield. Have it ready, then search for symbols of bulls that have randomly spawned across the map. You need to shoot four bull symbols with the ranged Shield weapon. The bull symbols will appear in four random locations.

  • Bull Symbol Locations:
    • Symbol #1: Arena – Above the huge gate that closed when you first entered the arena.
    • Symbol #2: Odin-Zeus Bridge – On the exterior of Zeus Tower, visible from the bridge. Look toward the wooden stairs.
    • Symbol #3: Odin-Zeus Temple Entrance – On the Zeus side, look up at the cracked arch with ivy hanging from the ceiling.
    • Symbol #4: Danu Altar Room – Through the zombie window facing the crowd. Visible below the crowd seating.
    • Symbol #5: Flooded Crypt – Past the barricade where zombies spawn, through an open door.
    • Symbol #6: Temple – Through one of the zombie windows, near a burning torch.
    • Symbol #7: The Pit – Through a cracked wall, above eye-level.
    • Symbol #8: Danu Tunnel – Through the zombie window with the spiral staircase, near a torch.

After shooting a bull symbol, a Champion will spawn. Spawn and kill all four champions, and a glowing symbol will appear on the obelisk in the Ra Altar Room. [Interact] with the symbol to teleport to the Ra Tower trial challenge.

  • How To Complete The Trial: Symbols will appear on the obelisk. Each symbol corresponds with one of seven special zombies. You need to kill special zombies in the order shown on the obelisk. If you kill any zombie in the wrong order, the symbol will reset.

Step #4: Unlock The Arena Trial

Four poles will appear in four locations around the map. To unlock the challenge, you need to find these poles and shoot them. The poles are always found underground — shoot them from below to raise them up aboveground.

  • Pole Locations:
    • Pole #1: Danu Tunnel
    • Pole #2: Odin Tunnel
    • Pole #3: Collapsed Tunnel
    • Pole #4: Cursed Room

Shoot the poles until they’re fully emerged in the Arena. Go to the Arena, then [Interact] with all team members at the same time to enter the next trial.

  • How To Complete The Trial: The trial sends you into the underground. Travel back up to the Arena and stun zombies with the Kill-O-Watt electricity special effect. Stun zombies near the poles with electricity, then kill them to charge each pole.
    • The Kill-O-Watt electricity effect is a Re-Pack-a-Punch ability. It comes standard with the Death of Orion / Serket’s Kiss.
    • Charge each pole until an electrified orb appear in the Challenge Reward bowls. Each player must collect one of the orbs.
    • After collecting the orbs, Gladiator Zombies will spawn into the arena. You’ll have unlimited Special Ability for this sequence. Kill the Gladiators to complete the trial.

Step #5: Unlock The Temple Trial

The final trial is in the Temple. Go to the underground and find three glowing symbols. You must shoot each symbol from a very specific angle — if you shoot the symbol from the right angle, it will glow bright blue. Use the Death of Orion.

  • Glowing Symbol Locations:
    • Symbol #1: Danu Tunnel – This one is on a pillar. Just jump to shoot it from the right angle.
    • Symbol #2: The Crypts – Find the cracked wall with the hanging chains. Aim from the slightly-right-ish corner of the cracked wall.
    • Symbol #3: The Pit – Find the cracked wall with a view of the symbol. If you’re looking through a cracked wall with hooks on chains, you’re in the correct spot.

Go to the metal grate in The Pit and have everyone in your team [Interact] to enter the Temple Trial.

  • How To Complete The Trial: Defeat every wave of zombies. A huge amount of zombies will spawn, including several Blightfathers. Clear the room to complete the trial.

Step #6: Defeat Wrath & Fury [War Elephant Final Boss]

When all four trials have been completed, a red portal will appear in the Arena. All players must [Interact] with the red portal to teleport to the final boss arena.

  • How To Defeat Wrath & Fury:
    • Wrath and Fury are huge war elephants. One will spawn after you’ve defeated several waves of Gladiators and Tigers.
    • To defeat the war elephants, you must target the side armor, then aim for the face once it is exposed.
    • When one war elephant is defeated, a second war elephant will spawn. Defeat it in the exact same way.

Checkout the full ending cutscene in the video below.

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