Black Ops 4: Blackout – How To Unlock Zombies Character Skins | Easter Egg Quest Guide

The new Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is packed with extras and Easter eggs — and eager fans have already discovered secrets steps you need to complete to unlock several Zombies-related character skins.

In Blackout mode, it’s 1-vs-100, and you (or your team) must fight to be the last soldier standing. The massive Battle Royale map is full of hidden secrets — including zombies that drop unique items. You can get Wonder Weapons from zombies, and if you’ve entered an undead-infested area, you can even find a Mystery Box that drops powerful tools like the Jack-in-the-Box.

Along with all the Call of Duty: Zombies references, you can also unlock playable Zombies characters. Scarlett is one of those characters, and thanks to a recent developer stream, fans were able to pinpoint one way we’ll actually unlock some of these bonus characters and make them playable in Blackout.

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How To Unlock Zombies Character Skins | Easter Egg Quest Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates on each Zombies character quest.]

In the Blackout Menu, you can choose your character skin. You can select Multiplayer Skins, Classic Skins, or Zombies Skins. Zombies Skins are unique — instead of simply unlocking them, you’ll need to complete a small quest.

Zombies skins are related to the Zombies spawn area. Zombies (and the Mystery Box) will always spawn where bright pillars of light appear in the distance. These areas include: Asylum, Lighthouse, Nuketown, Graveyard (Unnamed Location Outside Asylum).

One of the new heroes, Scarlett, appears in the Black Ops 4: Zombies maps “Ix” and “Voyage of Despair”. She is the first confirmed hero that can be unlocked with an Easter Egg Quest in Blackout Mode. There are more steps to unlocking her, but these steps are currently unknown. We’ll learn more steps once the full game is available.

  • How To Unlock Scarlett: Kill zombies until one drops the “Red Scarf & Goggles” item. Collect it!

Presumably, this is how you’ll unlock every Zombies character. Travel to a zombie-infested zone, and kill zombies until one randomly drops an item related to one of the playable hero skins. This is just the first step. I’ll dig into this mystery, and publish more steps for every character on this guide as they’re discovered.

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