Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – How To Craft The Shield | Parts Locations Guide

The Ballistic Shield is back again. The handy shield weapon returns for another round of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies. It isn’t just a melee weapon in ‘Dead of the Night’, it’s also a gun and a back-protector. That makes it identical to the previous Ballistic Shields in previous maps like ‘Classified’ and ‘Voyage of Despair’ — it’s just as useful, and here, I’ll break down exactly where to find all the parts. That includes pictures in the gallery.

The Ballistic Shield is an alternate weapon you can access with [L1] / [LB]. It absorbs damage until it shatters — forcing you to go back to the crafting table and collect another one. It also has a small pistol you can load into the front slot and fire. When you’re not using it, it protects your back, making it pretty important if you’re running solo or trying to complete difficult Easter egg challenges.

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How To Craft The Shield | Parts Locations Guide


To craft the Ballistic Shield, you’ll need to find three Shield Parts hidden around the map. These parts will appear in random locations. If you don’t find the shield part in a location listed below, it’s very likely nearby.

When you have all three, you can craft the Ballistic Shield at the Crafting Table in the Smoking Room, in the second floor of the mansion.

  • Shield Parts Locations:
    • Part #1: Metal Plate
      • Grand Staircase – On a pillar.
      • East Balcony – Near the gun wallbuy.
      • West Balcony – Leaning against the wall.
    • Part #2: Shield Window
      • Library – On a couch in the first floor Library.
      • Library – On the broken shelf, to the far left of the Alistair’s Folly case.
      • Study – To the left of the door leading to the Master Bedroom.
    • Part #3: Gear Piece
      • Dining Room – On the half-wall, near the door leading to the stairs up to the second floor.
      • Dining Room – On the floor, to the left of the Greenhouse Terrace door.
      • East Hall – On a chair in the hallway leading to the Dining Room.

Put all the pieces together at a Crafting Table (one is in the Smoking Room) to get an infinite supply of Ballistic Shields.

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