Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – Play Billiards & Earn A Free Powerup | Secrets Guide

If something looks suspicious in a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies mode map, it’s probably because there’s some secret way to interact with it. Veterans have learned that long ago, and ‘Dead of the Night’ has its own secret power-up minigame in the form of billiards. But instead of playing with a pool cue, you’ll have to play with bullets.

Previous Call of Duty maps featured hat rearrangement Easter eggs, secret hangman minigames, and probably a bunch of other stuff we missed. Minigames aren’t exactly new to the formula. They’re a great way to earn easy rewards quickly — and you can complete this little Easter egg before Round 2 is over. You’ll just need a keen eye, and the ability to count from one to nine.

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Play Billiards & Earn A Free Powerup | Secrets Guide

NOTE: This minigame can only be played in CLASSIC MODE. You have to play online, without custom mutations. You can still play with AI bots, or solo.

The pool table is located in the Billiards Room — it’s on the second floor of the mansion, connected to the Study. You can reach it by Round 2 after you interact with the Sentry Artifact and remove the red barriers on the map.

To get a free power-up, all you have to do is shoot the billiard balls into the pockets — in order from one to nine. It can be tough to see all the numbers, and the bright light changes the colors of the balls.

Use this rack to get a better look at the number / color combos.
  • If you can’t see the numbers clearly, check the rack to the right, in the corner. You can get an quick reference look at the numbers / colors from there.
    • You can also wait a moment for the textures to fully load on the billiard balls.

If you shoot the balls into the pockets in the wrong order, a grenade will spawn. There are no second chances. If you get the order correct, you’ll earn a free power-up. It stays forever — you don’t have to immediately collect it. You can save it for as long as you want. It won’t disappear.

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