Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – How To Pack-A-Punch | Weapon Upgrade Guide

The first Zombies DLC map for Black Ops 4, ‘Dead of the Night’ came as a complete surprise. Releasing early, we’ve been scrambling to unlock and uncover all the secrets in Alistair’s mysterious mansion. The first quest in every Zombies map is always the same — find the Pack-a-Punch machine. This time around, unlocking the PaP is a pretty tall order.

You’ll need to find three hidden crystals and complete three mini-challenges to collect Tuning Forks. With these Tuning Forks, you’ll be able to clear the evil crud blocking the Forest area, located behind the mansion. Entering the Forest gives you access to the PaP, but it also summons a frightening werewolf miniboss.

Yes, there aren’t just deadly vampires in this mansion — you’ll also have to fight back massive werewolves. And the PaP makes your weapons even better at blasting these fast, super-human freaks of nature.

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How To Pack-A-Punch | Upgrade Guide

To unlock the Pack-a-Punch, you’ll need to locate three crystals, charge them with zombie souls, and then complete their challenges. Completing challenges will reward you with a Tuning Fork. Use the Tuning Fork on the barrier in the Forest Terrace area to clear the way and unlock the Forest.

  • NOTE: To unlock most of the mansion, interact with the Sentinel Artifact in the Grand Staircase.


Step #1: Finding The Crystals

There are three crystals you need to locate — each crystal is located in a random vase. Smashing the vase will reveal the crystal. You’ll also see a slight glow emanating from the top of a vase, cluing you that a crystal is located inside.

To activate a crystal, kill four zombies near it. If you kill any zombie near a crystal, the vase will shatter and reveal it. The crystal will activate once it absorbs four zombie souls.

  • Crystal #1: Clock Challenge
    1. Bedroom Hallway
    2. Master Bedroom
    3. Trophy Room
  • Crystal #2: Perk Challenge
    1. Library
    2. Library
    3. Study
  • Crystal #3: Ghost Challenge
    1. Wine Cellar
    2. Wine Cellar

After recharging a crystal with zombie souls, interact with the glowing crystal to get a glimpse of the object you need to locate next. The objects are randomized, and there are three different challenges.

These can be completed in any order. You can activate all three, then complete the challenges. You must use the seer stone crystal to activate a challenge.

Charge these hidden crystals with zombie souls to reveal three challenges.

Step #2: Completing The Three Challenges

There are three challenges you’ll encounter — a Clock Challenge, a Perk Challenge, and a Ghost Challenge. Completing a challenge will give you a Tuning Fork. You need all three Tuning Forks to unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

  • Clock Challenge: Image of a Clock — Activate the ticking clock in one of three locations and stand in the circle for 1 minute. A Tuning Fork will appear from the clock.
    • Clock Locations: Grand Hall, Billiards Room, Dining Room
  • Perk Challenge: Image of a Perk Machine — Go near the Perk Machine and fight a wave of Vampires. The last Vampire will drop a Tuning Fork.
    • Perk Machine Locations: Wine Cellar, Entrance Hall, Cemetery, Gardens
  • Ghost Challenge: Image of an Object — Interact with the object shown to reveal a ghost. Follow the ghost and they will reveal a Tuning Fork.
    • Scroll: In the Study, to the left of the door leading to the Cemetery Path. Interact with the open red box.
    • Doll: In the Entrance Hall, to the left of the Perk Machine, on a table.
    • Noose: In the Wine Cellar, hanging from a chair in the center of the room.
    • Painting: In the Music Room, on the wall.

The trickiest part is just finding the challenge themselves. Completing them should be fairly simple, especially if you unlock Alistair’s Folly or the Shield first.

A werewolf miniboss spawns when you unlock the barrier to the Forest.

Step #3: Unlock the Forest 

Collect all three Tuning Forks after completing the three challenges, then travel to the Forest Terrace. Interact with the red / black barrier to clear the path to the Forest.

  • NOTE: Clearing the barrier will summon a Werewolf miniboss. To kill it, aim for the glowing runes on it’s body! Don’t miss the run on it’s left shoulder. 

Deep in the Forest, you’ll find the Pack-a-Punch. Interact to upgrade weapons for 5,000 points. It takes a few moments, so make sure you’re clear before using it. If you don’t grab your weapon after a few seconds, it will disappear.

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