Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – How To Get Alistair’s Annihilator | Final Upgrade Guide

To complete the main Easter egg quest, you’re going to need to upgrade the Alistair’s Folly Wonder Weapon to its final form in ‘Dead of the Night’ — the first Zombies DLC map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. These steps are a little trickier than the last, but they aren’t too difficult compared to just surviving. Instead of hunting down pieces of a werewolf, you’ll have to deal with swarms of vampire bats instead.

To transform the Chaos Theory into the Alistair’s Annihilator, you’ll need to complete three challenges, and kill a whole bunch of bats. Every challenge requires the Chaos Theory, so you’ll need to build that bad boy first. Check out the links below for a detailed description, breaking down ex

actly what you need to know to really dig deep into the Easter egg.

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How To Get The Alistair’s Annihilator | Final Upgrade Guide

The final upgrade for Alistair’s Folly is Alistair’s Annihilator. It adds more power to your weapon, gives it a scope, and is required to complete parts of the Easter egg quest. Before you can get it, you’ll need to do the following steps in preparation.

  • Unlock the Pack-a-Punch.
  • Get the Alistair’s Folly revolver.
  • Upgrade the Alistair’s Folly revolver to the Chaos Theory.

We have guides available for all three steps. Check the link bank above for details. When you’ve got the Chaos Theory, you can begin the quest to upgrade a second time.

  • Step #1: Get The Three Parts
    • There are crafting parts you need to collect. These parts can be collected in any order.
    • Crafting Part #1: Cemetery – Kill three Vampires with the Chaos Theory tornado AOE attack and collect 3 bile piles. After getting three, a glowing red coffin lid will appear in the cemetery. Interact with it, and kill the vampire that jumps out. It will drop the Vampire Chaos Materia.
      • A wave of vampires will also spawn.
    • Crafting Part #2: Cemetery – Shoot the lamps on the stairs / balcony at the front of the mausoleum with the Chaos Theory. Shoot all the lamps with a slight orange glow — they’ll go out if you shoot the correct lamp.
      • Only one lamp is active at first. Shoot it, and a second lamp will light up. Shoot it and activate the third. Shoot all three before the timer is up. If you miss, wait a few minutes and it will reset.
      • When you shoot the last lamp, a vampire will spawn and fly into the air. It will stay up for awhile — shoot it down with the Chaos Theory and it will drop the second part.
    • Crafting Part #3: Forest – Go to the forest and use the Chaos Theory’s charged green mind-control AOE attack on zombies near the small mounds of dirt with glowing mushrooms.
      • If you mind-control a zombie near the mound, they will start digging up the dirt. You must shoot the zombie directly with the green mind-control charged shot.
      • Try all the mounds — at one of the mounds, in a random location, the last part will spawn.
  • Step #3: Get The Prima Materia (Again)
    • Return to the Greenhouse Laboratory and interact with the Prima Materia machine in the center again. Collect the Prima Material on the left side when the machine stops. You may have to use the machine twice.
  • Step #4: Build the Wonder Weapon Upgrade
    • Use the last remaining workbench in the Greenhouse Laboratory to craft the Alistair’s Annihilator.

And that’s it! Just a little trickier than the Chaos Theory. This upgraded Wonder Weapon has a third special effect that shrinks enemies caught in its charged blast.

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