Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – How To Unlock Alistair’s Folly | Wonder Weapon Guide

Locked away in the mysterious library of ‘Dead of the Night’, the new Zombies map for Black Ops 4, you’ll quickly discover a very strange locking mechanism for the world’s most complicated gun cabinet. This is the safe for Alistair’s Folly, and incredibly powerful revolver / handcannon that can blow away multiple zombies in a single shot. The thing has a ton of ammo too, making it an all-around great weapon to help you survive those early rounds.

The trick is unlocking the case. There are four runes, and to find the secret code, you’ll need to keep a careful eye on the environment. I’ve been running around the map for a very long time, and below I’ve listed all the locations that I’ve found (so far) to help you unlock this case every single time. If you’re lost, you can also check the gallery, with multiple extra locations pictured. It’s worth the effort, and once you know where to look, this thing is easy to unlock.

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How To Unlock Alistair’s Folly | Wonder Weapon Guide


Alistair’s Folly is a powerful Wonder Weapon revolver you can get from the Mystery Box, or you can earn it by unlocking the case in the Library.

The case has four runes on it — blue, green, yellow, and red. To find the code you need to input, you’ll need to find matching runes in hidden locations all around the map. Each rune will appear in a random spot.

  • NOTE: The rune shapes resemble letters — A, D, X and W.

Runes are randomized. They will appear in new locations and with a different symbol every time you start a new session.

  • Rune Locations:
    • Blue: Cemetery
      1. Right of the stairs leading up to the Mausoleum / Perk Machine.
      2. To the right of the Mausoleum, on one of the tall grave structures.
      3. On a grave in the patch. Enter the Cemetery through the gate near the crafting bench and turn right.
    • Green: Greenhouse Terrace / Gardens
      1. From the Dining Hall, look through the ivy-covered gate to the left in the Greenhouse Terrace.
      2. Go to the small house in the back of the Gardens and look to the left of the open door.
    • Yellow: Forest Terrace
      1. Down the right path, past the small gate.
      2. Down the left path, past the identical small gate.
      3. When facing the mansion (opposite the forest) go up the right steps and look at the wall.
    • Red: Dining Room
      1. On the wall directly left when entering the Dining Room from the Grand Hall connecting hallway.

Write down, screenshot, or just memorize all four symbols then input them into the case in the Library. If you input the code correctly, interact with the gun case above the code to unlock it. If you input the wrong code, the code on the case will randomize — but you can simply input it again.

You can easily solve the case puzzle with only three of the four codes. Just input the three correct runes, and guess the final rune. The code doesn’t change or re-scramble, so you can try as many times as you need to.

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