Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – How To Upgrade Alistair’s Folly | Chaos Theory Guide

Because Wonder Weapons are never strong enough, you can upgrade the Alistair’s Folly revolver in ‘Dead of the Night’ — you’ll just need to loot a werewolf corpse to do it. The first Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 DLC zombies map includes a lot of wacky stuff, like bats that transform into vampires. That’s just a normal enemy type. You’ll also encounter massive werewolf minibosses, and if you’re looking to upgrade, you’ll need to hit these bad boys with Silver Bullets.

Around the map, you’ll find silver objects you can grab. You can take these objects to get smelted, then use the liquid silver to construct silver bullets. You’ll need to navigate to multiple workbenches to complete the quest, but it’s fairly straightforward. The trickiest part is just acquiring the Silver Bullets upgrade — you’ll need to search the entire mansion for the right ingredients.

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How To Upgrade Alistair’s Folly | Chaos Theory Guide

Alistair’s Folly is a Wonder Weapon you can earn by unlocking the Library case, or getting as a random roll in the Mystery Box. Learn how to unlock the Library case with the link above — it doesn’t matter how you get the Alistair’s Folly, you’ll still be able to get the upgrade.

  • Before beginning the upgrade quest, you’ll need three ingredients.
    • The Alistair’s Folly Wonder Weapon — check the guide above for more details.
    • The Ballistic Shield — again, check the guide above for all locations.
    • Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets are acquired by collecting a series of ingredients — including silver. You’ll need a lot of ingredients, so let’s break down all the locations in detail.

How To Craft Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets are crafted at the special Library workbench. You’ll need to collect 6 ingredients total. After collecting the Silver Trophy / Plate / Candle Holder, go to the Wine CellarĀ workbench to melt and get the Liquid Silver.

  • Step #1: Collecting The Ingredients
    • Trophy – Dining Room (Corner Table), Dining Room (Red Table) or Library (Sofa)
    • Plate – Wine Cellar (Vampire Painting), Entrance Hall (Left Tables), Smoking Room
    • Candle Holder – Wine Cellar (Table), Wine Cellar (Right Of Stairs), Wine Cellar (Near Table)
    • Charcoal – Found in Fire Places: Main Hall, Master Bedroom, Billiards Room
    • Guano – On the ground in the Cemetery.
    • Sulfur – On a desk in the Greenhouse Laboratory.
  • Step #2: Obtaining Liquid Silver
    • Use the workbench in the Wine Cellar to obtain Liquid Silver.
  • Step #3: Craft Silver Bullets
    • Use the workbench in the Library to complete the Silver Bullets.

How To Upgrade Alistair’s Folly

Once you have the Silver Bullets, Alistair’s Folly, and the Ballistic Shield, you’ll be able to create the Chaos Theory upgrade. The Chaos Theory can be charged for a larger explosive blast.

  • Step #1: Get Chaos Material
    • Kill a Werewolf miniboss with Silver Bullets. It will drop Chaos Material.
  • Step #2: Refine The Material
    • Go to the Greenhouse Laboratory and use the Chaos Material on the device inside.
      • The machinery will begin refining, and drop the Prima Material. Collect it on the left side.
  • Step #3: Reveal The Hidden Room
    • Use the Ballistic Shield on the bookshelves to the left of the Alistair’s Folly case in the Library. Hit the correct shelf to reveal a secret room.
      • In the secret room, collect the object from the pedestal.
  • Step #4: Build The Chaos Theory
    • You should now have all the parts you need. Go to the workbench in the Greenhouse Laboratory to construct it.

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