Detroit: Become Human Sells Over 2 Million Units

Quantic Dream is a well-known video game developer now. Their video game titles cater more towards a cinematic film experience with emphasis on choice and consequences. These traits could be found in their previous releases such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, though they recently released their latest IP this year. Detroit: Become Human was a highly anticipated video game since its announcement where the game follows a futuristic world set in Detroit, Michigan. Within this world, humans get by through the help and aid of androids though as the world progressed, androids have started to step up and revolted for their own rights.

This game contains several different branching pathways with the narrative and it’s since released exclusively on the PlayStation 4. Now thanks to a Tweet made by Sony PlayStation, we now know that Quantic Dream has sold over two million units. Because of the units sold, Detroit: Become Human is now the biggest video game launch for the development team, raising the bar quite high for their next upcoming release.

If you have yet to try Detroit: Become Human or any of their previous titles then you may have a new opportunity to do so. Recently it was revealed that a new collection of Quantic Dream titles which would give PlayStation 4 gamers the opportunity to enjoy Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and their latest video game release, Detroit: Become Human. This collection is currently available today for $40 which is a great deal on three iconic titles from the development studio. If you’re still on the fence for Detroit: Become Human then we suggest looking at our Before You Buy coverage posted above.


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