Black Ops 4 Zombies: Dead of the Night – The Complete Easter Egg Guide | Step-by-Step Walkthrough


Fans have already completed the massive Easter egg quest hidden in ‘Dead of the Night’, the first Zombies DLC map for Black Ops 4, and it’s surprisingly straightforward for a completely hidden series of challenges — or, as straightforward as an Easter egg quest can be. To help you navigate the ins-and-outs of the story and actually beat this map, we’ve put together a massive, detailed guide covering every aspect of the Easter egg.

And once again, it’s pretty darn hard. You’ll have to search for Silver Bullets, lead spectral knight armor suits through a creepy forest, burn a scarecrow, hunt vampires, and upgrade your Wonder Weapon to the highest level. It’s a lot to keep track of, and like previous Black Ops 4 secrets, it can only be completed online.

Whether you’re just curious, or want to actually beat this thing, I’ve tried to break down the steps in the most logical way possible. And, as usual, this is very much a work-in-progress. Expect to see updates as I try to fully understand how each step of the quest really works.

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The Complete Easter Egg Guide | Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The Easter Egg quest in ‘Dead of the Night’ is mostly about finding and completing three challenge questlines. Each questline is self-contained and can be completed in any order you choose. 

You can re-Pack-a-Punch on this map to boost the power of your weapons.

Step #1: Unlock the Pack-a-Punch 

Unlocking the Pack-a-Punch is trickier than in other Black Ops 4 Zombies maps. You need to locate three crystals hidden in vases — they’re located (approximately) in the Library, the Wine Cellar, or the Master Bedroom areas.

Kill zombies near each of the three crystals to activate it. You’ll need four kills to activate each crystal. When the crystal glows, you’ll see an image of an object on the map — track down the object and interact to begin one of three challenges.

For a complete rundown, check out the full Pack-a-Punch guide here:

Alistair’s Folly is locked in a case in the Library.

Step #2: Get The Ballistic Shield & Alistair’s Annihilator

The next step can be completed in any order. To complete the main Easter egg challenges, you’ll need to acquire several craftable / unlockable items on the map. These items can be earned at any point. They are not required to progress.

Once you unlock the Pack-a-Punch, you can skip straight to Step #3. While completing the next steps, you’ll need a variety of items. You can grab these items in any order, and at any point.

  • Collect 3 shield parts to craft the Ballistic Shield.
  • Find the 4 runes and collect the Alistair’s Folly Wonder Weapon.
  • Collect 3 parts and 3 silver objects to craft the Silver Bullets.
  • Upgrade Alistair’s Folly to the Chaos Theory.
  • Upgrade Chaos Theory to the Alistair’s Annihilation.

To complete all of those pre-requisites, check out the follow articles for a complete rundown:


Step #3: Uncovering The Challenge Quests

The main portion of the Easter egg quest begins here. You can start any of the following quest branches in any order right after unlocking the Pack-a-Punch

Return to the crystals used to recover the three Tuning Forks for the Pack-a-Punch quest. Interact with these crystals again to get visions of three objects — a suit of knight’s armor, an effigy made of twigs, and a telescope lens.

Each image is related to one of the three quest branches. You can complete these branches in any order.

Break through Atlas’ head to solve this quest branch.

Step #3A: The Telescope Branch

To begin this branch, go to the Cemetery and shoot the metal rod at the top of the Perk-Machine mausoleum with Silver Bullets loaded in your gun. All players must do this at the same time. A beam of light will point toward the crystal in the center of the globe at the massive Atlas statue.

Go to the North Atrium second floor bridge and interact with the machines. Adjust the machines and align the colored lights with the rotating objects above Atlas. Once the lights are aligned, the statue’s head will shatter, and the beam of light will connect to the Greenhouse Laboratory.

Next, you’ll need to find the Greenhouse Laboratory telescope code. There are three glowing runes you need to find. The glowing runes will appear in random locations.

NOTE: At each rune location, you’ll also find scratch marks. There will be 1, 2 and 3 scratch marks. These show you the order of the runes. The scratch marks appear in the same room as the runes, in a random location.

  • Glowing Rune Locations:
    • Main Hall: On a pillar, near the grand staircase.
    • Entrance Hall: Under a back left table. Crawl and look up to see it.
    • Library: Left of the Wonder Weapon case, near the broken shelf.
    • Trophy Room: On the left wall of a small closet.
    • Dining Room: On the wall, by the green colored sofa.
    • Billiards Room: Under the chess board table.
    • Wine Cellar: Bottom row of the wine rack near the Perk Machine.

Once you find the three runes, input them in the code device in the Greenhouse Laboratory. If you’ve input the correct code, it will remain — it won’t reset.

Next, equip the Ballistic Shield and interact with the crank that opens the dome. With the shield, hold interact to crank open the dome — when the dome stops opening, melee the crank with the shield to lock it into place.

Activate the electricity trap in the Greenhouse Laboratory — then use the Shield Bash melee attack to electrify the telescope. All players need to electrify the telescope at the same time to complete this step.

When the telescope is electrified, a stone slab will reveal itself downstairs. When all players interact with the slab, a survival wave will begin. Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves will spawn and the area will be locked down. Fight until the lockdown lifts, and all players will be able to collect the stone slab.

Find the ghost in ‘Afterlife Mode’ and escort it to solve this step.

Step #3B: The Effigy Branch

The effigy branch takes you to the Cemetery. You’ll need the Alistair’s Annihilator to progress in this step — find trees with falling leaves in the Cemetery area and shoot the branches with the fully upgraded Wonder Weapon. One of the branches will fall — collect it.

Next, find a gravestone in the area that indicates ‘1912‘ as the Date of Death. Interact with it to enter ‘Spirit Mode‘ — use the Alistair’s Annihilator and shoot the ground at the base of the scarecrow until it begins to burn. Wait for the ground to burn, then enter the orange glow of the fire until the player in ‘Spirit Mode’ burns to death.

That player will now enter ‘Afterlife Mode’ — travel to the mansion interior and find a ghost. Escort the ghost until she begins to burn. Keep following her and a second stone slab will spawn.

Like before, all players must interact with the stone slab at the same time. Once again, you’ll have to fight a powerful wave of Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves. Clear them out, then collect the stone slab.

You can’t miss the Knight Armor in the Gardens or the Cemetery.

Step #3C: The Knight Branch

For this branch, you’ll need to find a Fire Gate Energy Core. These spawn all over the map. Use it on the strange machine in the Library — interact to activate it. Shoot the burning fire with a charged Alistair’s Annihilator shot and the fire will turn blue.

Equip your shield and step into the blue fire. Your shield will now be burning with blue fire too.

With the burning shield, you’ll need to melee attack multiple fireplaces to light them up. The order is random, but the locations are the same. This step will require trial-and-error. The step is also timed. A fireplace will remain burning if you’ve melee’d the correct fireplace. There are three iterations.

  • 1st Round: Library (Both), Billiards Room, Smoking Room
  • 2nd Round: East Gallery, West Gallery, Main Hall (Both)
  • 3rd Round: Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Trophy Room, Music Room

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There are three Knight Armors on the map. Interact with each Knight, one at a time. A crystal will appear from the knight and follow you. Lead it to the Forest and search for a matching crystal symbol on the ground. Interact with the matching symbol, and a Spectral Knight will appear.

Kill zombies near the Spectral Knights to charge them with souls. Charging the armor will cause it to move toward the Pack-a-Punch. Summon all three knights, and then charge them with souls until they form a triangle.

Werewolves will spawn once the knights form a triangle. Successfully kill a Werewolf inside the knight triangle to spawn the last stone slab. Like the other stone slabs, interact and begin a challenge wave against swarms of Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves. When the wave is complete, collect the stone slab.

Step #4: Fight The Final Boss

With all three stone slabs collected, go to the strange door to the right in the Forest. Interact with the door — all players at the same time — to initiate the final boss battle.

The final boss is a massive Werewolf. To defeat it, you’ll need to complete three phases while fighting an endless horde of zombies, catalysts, and standard werewolves.

Phase 1: In the arena, find the green marker on the ground. Aim all the statue lights at this marker — then lure the werewolf into the trap by standing on the marker. The werewolf boss will be stunned and vulnerable to damage. Keep shooting it until a Max Ammo spawns.

Phase 2: A large wave of catalysts, zombies, and standard werewolves will attack. Fight them off until another Max Ammo spawns, signaling that the wave is complete.

Phase 3: The giant Werewolf boss will return and repeat the first phase. The only difference is that the green marker is now invisible. Move the Statue’s light until you find the green marker (search for a green glow) — then point all the lights at the marker. Lure the Werewolf into the trap, then shoot him until he’s down.

Watch the video below and see how this step of the Chaos Story ends.

[Ending video by MrDalekJD on YouTube.]

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