Black Ops 4 Zombies: Classified – How To Complete The Main Easter Egg Quest | Ending Cutscene Guide

After weeks and weeks of searching, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 community has finally discovered the secret to the main Easter egg quest in ‘Classified’ — the remake of the classic map ‘Five’ — and fans aren’t happy.

Black Ops 4: Zombies maps are already notoriously buggy, and the method required to complete the Easter egg quest and unlock the ending cutscene is rife with errors. Almost everyone that’s attempted this Easter egg experiences a crash. It seems like only glitches and exploits are helping top-tier players survive long enough, and even then, it isn’t guaranteed the game won’t crash at Round 60+.

This is a completely insane completion method, and only the lucky few will be able to accomplish it with the game in its current state. Most players won’t realize how buggy these Zombies maps are — seriously,  normal players don’t need to enter triple digit rounds. But, for those hardcore fans attempting the impossible and aiming to unlock the final cutscene, this is one of the most random challenges around.

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How To Complete The Main Easter Egg Quest | Ending Cutscene Guide

[Watch the ending cutscene for ‘Classified’ with the cartoon filter removed in the video above.]

There’s more to ‘Classified’ than just a Wonder Weapon quest. This ending cutscene will not unlock any achievement / trophy, and it is (reportedly) extremely buggy. The actual method to unlock the ending cutscene is incredibly simple to explain, but insanely difficult to accomplish due to how unstable the game becomes in later rounds.

  • How To Unlock the Ending Cutscene:
    • Reach Round 150

And that’s it! Yes, seriously. You need to survive up to Round 150. Many streamers and hardcore players gave up attempting high round completions due to frequent crashes. It took weeks to unlock this ending simply because the game is so buggy, most hardcore players gave up attempting serious high round playthroughs. It simply seemed impossible. It wasn’t, and now users on the Call of Duty: Zombies subreddit are frequently posting shocked reactions that Treyarch would add a requirement that’s so unstable only a fraction of legitimate players will ever be able to see this cutscene for themselves in-game.