Black Ops 4 Zombies: Classified – Secret Paintings, Nova Crawlers, Audio Logs & More | Easter Eggs Guide

“Classified” is a weird little map that only unlocks if you’ve purchased the Season Pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It’s a remake of “Five”, the map that was first included in the first Black Ops, but transplants the WW2 era heroes into the chaotic Pentagon setting. So far, players haven’t found how to access a main Easter egg quest, but the map itself is full of secrets.

There are so many tiny, weird secrets that each one doesn’t really warrant a full article — so I’m collecting everything I’ve missed for this map and putting it in one place. There are audio Easter eggs, including secret quotes, audio logs, and songs. You’ll also find portraits to fix, and a method to spawn tons of Nova Crawlers in the very early rounds. Perfect for collecting points faster. Check out all the spooky secrets in the full guide below.

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Classified – Secret Paintings, Nova Crawlers, Audio Logs & More | Easter Eggs Guide

The ‘Classified’ map is packed with lots of smaller Easter eggs. Here’s everything (found so far) that hasn’t been covered yet.

Tilted Paintings

Hold [Interact] to fix five tilted paintings. They can be found in the following locations.

  • Main Offices
  • Central Filing
  • Deserted Hallway
  • Side Passage
  • Panic Room

Interact with the blank painting in the War Room to complete the Easter egg.

Nova Crawlers

Go to the Main Offices and hold [Interact] on the door in the corner, near the perk machine. The door has visible curtains through the windows.

  • Interact with this door and you’ll hear a voice clip from Robert McNamara — one of the characters from the original “Five” map.
  • Wait for him to finish talking, then [Interact] again. Do this five times total to hear all of his quotes.
  • The last time, you’ll get a quote from Samantha, the evil little girl.

After the Samantha quote, Nova Crawlers will swarm the round.

More Samantha Quotes

Depending on the character you’re playing as, a yellow glow will appear in a specific location on the map. Shoot the glowing spot to hear another Samantha quote. There is one for each character.

  • Richtofen: Bovine Research – In the room with the hanging pigs, look in the window next to the sealed door.
  • Nikolai: Morgue – In the small Morgue office, look at the lower shelves housing the canisters.
  • Dempsey: Weapon Testing Lab – Look in the zombie spawn window, opposite the crafting bench.
  • Takeo: South Laboratories – Look in the zombie spawn window in the lab hallway, outside Weapon Testing. This is where you need to throw a grenade for the “Project SKADI” Easter egg.

There’s one quote for each character.

Punch Card Audio Logs

There are seven audio logs you can listen to by inserting hidden Punch Cards into the Reader in the Server Room. Before searching for the punch cards, you’ll need to activate the Punch Card Reader.

  • How To Unlock The Punch Card Reader:
    • Look in the tool cabinet in the Weapon Testing Room to collect an item.
    • Place the item in the Server Room. Find the server in the far-left corner of the room.
    • Shoot the item (placed in the Server Room) with the Kill-O-Watt gun — acquired from the Pack-a-Punch.
    • Insert Punch Cards into the central Server Room terminal to listen to the audio logs.

Next, you’ll need to actually find the Punch Cards. Here are all seven locations.

  • Punch Card #1: Central Filing – In an open drawer.
  • Punch Card #2: Main Offices – In the typewriter, on the locked desk in the center of the room.
  • Punch Card #3: War Room – Between the Defcon signs in the Upper Level. On a shelf.
  • Punch Card #4: Server Room – Near the central terminal, between two servers.
  • Punch Card #5: Weapon Testing – Stuck to a target with a knife.
  • Punch Card #6: Panic Room – Stuck in a book.
  • Punch Card #7: Groom Lake – Near the Pack-a-Punch, on a box in the corner.

Another Easter Egg Song

You can listen to the wacky ‘Classified’ intro song in-game with this simple secret trick. You need to go down into the War Room and interact with terminals in a specific order. Get the locations here.

  • Terminal #1: War Room: Lower Level – Back-right, below the eagle, next to the zombie spawn.
  • Terminal #2: War Room: Lower Level – Back-center, left-most terminal.
  • Terminal #3: Server Room – Center terminal, left-most.
  • Terminal #4: War Room: Lower Level – Near the wall-buy.
  • Terminal #5: Server Room – Lit-up terminal.

[Work-in-Progress: If there are more weird Easter eggs that don’t belong anywhere else, we’ll add them to this list.]