Sony PlayStation Classic Hacked

playstation classic

The classic edition of video game consoles is becoming quite the norm now with gamers receiving a rehash of popular consoles in a compact plug-and-play style system. This really kicked off with the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic which was a small miniature sized NES console that came preloaded with top classic iconic video games. Due to its popularity, the console flew off store shelves causing an uproar for gamers who were wanting a console but forced to pay an influx price from second-hand markets.

Nintendo jumped on the trend they started by bringing out a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic which also came with select iconic preloaded games. While we are waiting for the next console installment, the Nintendo 64 Classic, Nintendo did go back and bring out more units for both the NES and SNES classic editions. It wasn’t very long after that Sony decided to jump on the bandwagon with the PlayStation Classic and there was plenty of hype building up around the console announcement.

However, there were some issues as Sony opt to use the traditional first edition controller that lacks analog sticks and it came with a rather lackluster list of video game titles. In fact, this was the biggest issue for gamers as several consumers worldwide found that it was missing some iconic titles that were popular on the PlayStation Classic. This was also another painful blow when the source code leaked for the system reveals that there were several other games hidden away that would have potentially made its way on the system but for whatever reason, they never came out.

Included in the list are the likes of Crash Bandicoot, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, MediEvil, Silent Hill, and Tomb Raider. If you were hoping to enjoy some of these games on your system then you may still be in luck. Hackers online have reportedly already tinkered with the system and found that they could easily load content into the system without having to tweak any of the hardware. Now gamers may be waiting for a more user-friendly way to handle loading new games to past classics but at the very least those who feel the PlayStation Classic is missing on some great titles will be able to load them in eventually.

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