WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – How To Play Hangman & Earn Bonus Rewards | Secrets Guide

Yes, you can play Hangman in ‘The Shadowed Throne’ — if you can guess the words, you’ll get some pretty awesome rewards. This is one of the weirdest Easter eggs in a Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies map, but it’s totally worth trying out. If you’ve got the patience to guess some letters, you can unlock crazy rewards that make this map way, way easier.

Not only can you unlock the Jack-in-the-Box without using the Mystery Box, you can also get both previous Wonder Weapons from the last two Zombies maps. The Ripsaw and the Tesla Gun can be your’s free. The Ripsaw is even fully upgraded to launch deadly sawblades that ricochet around the map. The Tesla Gun is easily more useful than the Wunderbuss, too. There are more rewards — see how to play a little game in the full guide below.

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How To Play Hangman & Earn Bonus Rewards | Secrets Guide


To play Hangman, all you have to do is reach the Main Street area. See that huge glowing sign above the Cabaret entrance? That’s what we’ll use to play Hangman and unlock sweet rewards, including power-ups and Wonder Weapons.

  • How To Play Hangman:
    1. In Main Street, look on the far left corner of the large sign above the Cabaret doors.
    2. On the left, there’s an empty noose and a section with two pointers (up and down) with three dots between the pointers.
    3. Shoot the pointers and you’ll see the letters on the left corner of the sign change.
    4. Shoot the center dot to select the letter you want to guess.

There are a total of seven words that will randomly cycle whenever you try to play Hangman. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, the goal is to spell a secret word. You select a letter — if the letter is in the secret word, it will appear on the cabaret sign. If you choose a letter that is not in the secret word, a piece of the hanging man will appear on the empty noose to the left of the sign.

The words are random — if you get six wrong guesses, the hangman will be complete and the game will reset. Guess any of the following words to get the accompanying reward.

  • Hangman Words:
    • REAPER (Insta-Kill Power-Up Reward)
    • WONDER (Tesla Gun + Ripsaw Wonder Weapons)
    • FAMISHED (Max Ammo Power-Up Reward)
    • DAMNATION (Nuke Power-Up Reward)
    • GLUTTONY (Double Jolts Power-Up Reward)
    • GEISTKRAFT (Full Charge Power-Up Reward)
    • THEJACKBOX (Jack-in-the-Box Wonder Weapon)

You can get some crazy powerful rewards if you play. If you guess a correct letter, it will appear in order, making it pretty easy to guess which of the seven words you’re looking at. Always go for vowels first — you can input the letters in any order.

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