WW2 Zombies: Shadowed Throne – All Perks & Mystery Box Locations Guide

The first mystery box is always found in the far Church area.

Lost and confused in ‘The Shadowed Throne’ and need help navigating this Call of Duty: WW2 DLC map? We don’t blame you. This is one of the most sprawling maps so far, and you’ll have to unlock lots of doors to reach your first Mystery Box location. Here, you’ll find all the potential Mystery Box locations, along with all the Perk Machine locations spread across the entire map.

There are six perks you can choose from, with a different perk machine found in each individual “room” or area. Kill zombies to collect points, then unlock doors to reach the perks themselves — you can only select four out of the six perks, so only choose your favorites. I highly recommend the weapon damage perk, but the faster reload / more stamina perks are pretty important if you want to complete the main Easter egg with friends.

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All Perks & Mystery Box Locations Guide

There are two types of terminals you can spend jolts (or points) on in any map — perk machines and mystery boxes. Perks typically cost 2,000 jolts, while the mystery box costs 1,000 jolts per spin. Perks are permanent upgrades you can purchase that increase revive speed, increase stamina, or weapon damage. The mystery box will give you a random weapon or equipment after every spin.


  • Quick Revive (500 / 1500 Jolts): Underbelly – Right next to the spawn point.
  • Increased Speed and Stamina (2000 Jolts): Main Street – In the center of the bombed street.
  • Increased Melee Damage (2000 Jolts): Museum – On the upper plaza door balcony.
  • Increased Weapon Damage (2000 Jolts): Plaza – In the street, opposite the small church balcony.
  • Faster Reload Speed (2000 Jolts): Church – On the small balcony through the center door from the church.
  • Electric Attack on Reload (2000 Jolts): Cabaret – Found behind the main stage in the cabaret.

The mystery box always appears in the first location — after a random amount of spins, the mystery box will move to one other location. Below, you’ll find the first mystery box spawn, and all other possible mystery box spawn locations.

  • Mystery Box #1: The first active mystery box is located in the small Church area, past the Cabaret / Museum / Plaza.
  • Mystery Box #2: One mystery box is located in the museum, near the strange trio of skull displays.
  • Mystery Box #3: Another mystery box is in the cabaret, down from the main stage.
  • Mystery Box #4: In the Destroyed Building, across from the revolver wall buy.

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