WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – How To Pack-a-Punch | Step-by-Step Guide

The Pack-a-Punch pops out of the elevator after installing all three missing batteries.

There’s nothing sweeter than upgrading your favorite new weapon with the Pack-a-Punch machine in a brand new Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies map. The first DLC expansion, ‘The Darkest Shore’ adds a bunch of new weapons and a creepy island to explore — and, as always, the Pack-a-Punch machine makes another comeback.

Again, you’ll have to follow a few steps to actually unlock the thing from it’s sealed chamber in the map. Once the PaP is your’s to use, you’ll be able to spend 5,000 points to enhance any of your standard weapons. Each weapon can only be PaP’d one time, and upgraded weapons get a ridiculous facelift, complete with neon smoke trails. They’re absolutely required if you want to survive the later rounds, and unlocking the Pack-a-Punch is the first major step to complete the massive Easter egg quest.

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How To Pack-A-Punch | Step-by-Step Guide

To unlock the Pack-A-Punch machine, you’ll first need to reactive power to the map. There are two Power Switches you’ll have to activate.

  1. Power Switch #1: Found in the U-Boat Pens area. Reactivates power to the map.
  2. Power Switch #2: Found in the Artillery Bunker. Enables the Minecart Fast Travel Network.

Both Power Switches must be activated to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. Check out the full guide in the links above for more details on the Power Switches.


Unlocking the Pack-a-Punch

With the power on and the minecarts active, you’ll be able to call and ride minecarts from different parts of the map. You call minecarts in the following areas:

  • Minecart #1: The Beach (Spawn Room)
  • Minecart #2: The U-Boat Pens
  • Minecart #3: Bunker 1

After calling the minecart, you’ll go on a little ride along the tracks. You’ll have to dodge bomber zombies, blasting them before they explode — but watch out for a special pick-up.

While riding the minecart, lookout for the ‘Elektroschnalle’ message pop-up. Press the button when the message appears. You need to ride all three minecarts from the three rooms listed above, and collect all three ‘Elektroschnalle’ batteries.

Each minecart can go to two different rooms. You’ll need to take the three following routes to get all the batteries.

  • Route #1: Beach to U-Boat Pens
  • Route #2: U-Boat Pens to Bunker 1
  • Route #3: Bunker 1 to Beach

The batteries are neon green objects in strange cases alongside the cart. You don’t need to be looking at the batteries to collect them.

With all three batteries collected, go up the stairs to Bunker 3 and insert all three batteries into the device with three circular battery slots.

When all three batteries are installed, the elevator doors will open in the shaft ahead and bring the Pack-a-Punch machine to you. And that’s all it takes! Enjoy your enhanced firepower.

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