Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – The Best Bonus Character Glitches | Godmode & More

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a little escape from the routine — and after hundreds of Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies sessions on ‘The Final Reich’, it’s about time to use glitches to your advantage. As described in the big list of guides below, there are six secret characters you can unlock. Getting them is actually insanely tough, and most people flat won’t even be able to think about unlocking this weird extra characters.

Well, now there are some better methods circulating that make getting the Mountaineer, the Hunter and the Survivor secret characters much easier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty tough. You’ll need to use glitches and sometimes bring a friend or two to make this possible, but all of the methods below will make unlocking these hard-to-get secret characters much, much easier in the long run.

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Unlock Bonus Characters With Glitches | Mountaineer, Hunter & Survivor

As stated in the intro, there are six unlockable secret characters you can earn in Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies. They’re all incredibly hard to unlock normally, so we won’t get into the nitty-gritty details for all of them — instead, we’re all about showing you how to glitch and unlock a certain amount of these heroes much, much easier than the painfully difficult normal way. Only a few secret characters can be unlocked this way, but this might be the only way normies can get a secret character at all.

How to Unlock the Mountaineer With Glitches

To unlock the Mountaineer, essentially you’ll need to glitch the game so that you can enter Prologue as a Custom session — that way friends can help you and you’ll be able to easily explore with invincibility and unlimited ammo.

  • Go to the Nazi Zombies ‘The Final Reich’ menu and go to Playlist Select ->Replay Prologue
  • Press select, and Accept, then quickly back out and select Custom Match. Do it quickly and you’ll appear in the menu with Prologue still listed.
    • Now you can invite friends to join you. Only invites will work here.
    • After inviting a friend, start the game and watch the cutscene.
  • When the cutscene is over, crawl forward — your friend won’t be able to see anything. They’ll have a black screen, but they’ll be able to see your gamertag. Follow it to the exit of the starting sequence.
    • Don’t skip the cutscene!
  • Crawl out of the debris with your friend following right behind. After crawling a little bit away from the debris, stop. Have your friend wait — you need to crawl forward, triggering a falling log.
    • You, the first player, need to trigger the falling log. It can only be triggered after both characters are past it. If it falls, it can kill your friend or trap you behind it. When the log falls, nothing can pass it.
  • Next, the first player needs to crawl forward and trigger the soldier. Only you can get the device, heal, and stand up. Your friend cannot trigger the soldier, or you’ll be stuck on the ground.
  • Your friend needs to stay beside the fallen log while the first player (you) walks forward and gets the shovel.
  • Next, lead your friend (second player) to the jumpscare zombie that appears right after the shovel. The second player needs to get killed by this zombie — after being downed, they’ll finally be able to see!
    • You also needs to get downed by the zombie. Don’t kill it!
  • After both of you are downed, you’ll respawn. Now both players can see. Whoever picks up the shovel will be the player that actually does all the work — only one player will be able to wallbuy and kill.
  • Next, go to the house — but beware, the second you enter the house, the door will slam shut! Stand inside one another and step through the doorway at the same time so both players are inside the house.

Now you’re both inside the Grausten Haus area! Next, you’ll just need to cheat with a godmode glitch. Here’s how it works.

  • How to Use the Godmode Glitch:
    • Find the MP-40 wallbuy station and crouch at the left corner. Really push into it and face the steps nearby.
    • Your unarmed friend (the player with the gun / shovel should crouch at the MP-40 wallbuy station’s left corner, pressing into the wall) will need to sprint from the stairs, crouch and phase into you.
    • You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you can see the inside of player two’s tongue / eyeballs. Essentially, you’re creating a secondary hitbox that the zombies can’t get through.
      • Stay still and don’t stand up. If you stand, you’ll lose invincibility.

If you can successfully trigger the godmode glitch, you’ll be able to sit and shoot an endless army of zombies, repurchasing ammo from the wallbuy. This makes unlocking the Mountaineer trivial. Get to Round 25, and the Mountaineer is all your’s.


How to Unlock the Hunter With Glitches

For the Hunter character, you’ll need to use a glitch that spawns an infinite supply of Treasure Zombies. Treasure Zombies are like bomb zombies — they’re red, but instead of trying to kill you, they run away on sight. Destroying them (they’re tough to kill) will earn you tons of points.

To unlock the Hunter, you’ll need to kill 5 Treasure Zombies — each one drops a letter, from A to E. Get all five and the Hunter will unlock.

  • Basically, the goal of this glitch is to escape the map after the Treasure Zombie spawns. After completing certain objectives, the Treasure Zombie will appear. If you exit the map (glitch out!) the Treasure Zombie will be confused and start duplicating.

When you’re ready, here’s what you need to do.

  • Complete three objectives in the same round — unlock the salt mines, unlock the Pack-a-Punch, and turn on the power. Save your points up until a late round so you can complete all three in a single round.
    • Before the round is over, you’ll need to glitch into the second floor of the pub. Find an explanation for that glitch below.

Got it? After completing one (or all three) of the objectives listed above, a Treasure Zombie will spawn at the start of the next round. To make this glitch work, you need to complete an objective, then rush to the second floor of the pub — a glitch spot that exists outside the map — before the round is over.

  • How to Glitch Onto the Second Floor Pub:
    • Go to the pub and find the ramp up into the pub. Wedge yourself into the wooden barrier (where the ramp and the floor meet) and crouch. If you can’t stand up, you’re in the right spot.
    • Down yourself (get killed or use a grenade) — you’ll need Quick Revive — and you’ll respawn on the second floor of the pub.

Make sure to Pack-a-Punch your weapons (the standard starting pistols are great) and use Freefire for unlimited ammo. You’ll need it to kill the Treasure Zombies.

  • NOTE: All players must be outside the map when the Treasure Zombies spawn or this glitch will not work.

Wait 1-10 minutes and the Treasure Zombie should spawn. You’ll see a weird little icon appear that shows he’s on the map. Now you can start killing zombies to advance the rounds. After a few rounds, another Treasure Zombie will spawn. Keep killing zombies, advancing rounds, until a ton of icons appear all over your map. That means the Treasure Zombies are glitched.

Now that they’re glitched, simply drop down into the map and start blasting Treasure Zombies. They’re tough, but they’re no longer on a timer.

How to Unlock the Survivor With Glitches

The Survivor is an incredibly tough character to unlock normally. You’ll need to complete five challenges to get her; get to Round 30, without using perks, turning on power, without dying, with only the starting weapon, and only two mystery box weapons or less.

To do this glitch, the goal is to get stuck in the map where zombies can’t attack you, then simply melee armies of the undead for about an hour to unlock this character. You’ll easily be able to survive until round 30, continuing rounds by smacking enemies with your melee weapon.

  • How to Glitch Into the Map:
    • For this trick, blow open the sewer entrance in the Village Square. Turn all three valves — but don’t fall down and get stuck in the sewers.
      • If you fall into the sewer, you’ll need to use the power button and you’ll fail one of the challenges.
    • Next, find the stick you need to jump into. Around the sewer hole, there are small broken sticks after blowing the lid. Find the stick that’s the second to the left from the control panel that blows the sewer lid.
      • At the control panel, count left — one, two. At two, that’s the stick you want.
    • Prone-jump into the stick from the opposite side of the hole, aiming to land at the edge.
      • Jump then immediately go into the prone position while mid-air.
    • If you land correctly, you’ll wedge into a spot where zombies can’t hit you.

And that’s the trick! You’re invincible now, so you’re free to melee zombies until Round 30. You didn’t buy any weapons, perks, or anything else — so you’ll complete every challenge at Round 30 and unlock the Survivor.

Know of any other weird glitches in Call of Duty: Zombies? Let us know in the comments!