Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies – How to Find Dr. Straub | ‘Lurking Around’ Guide

In the grand tradition of Call of Duty: Zombies, a celebrated actor plays an important character you may never see in-game. In this case, it’s the Nazi scientist Dr. Straub, who’s been very busy in the Bavarian village you’ll explore on ‘The Final Reich’. Dr. Straub is one of the scientists responsible for the outbreak of messed-up, twisted undead creatures you’ll encounter while delving deeper into the underground bunker, and you’ll earn an achievement / trophy for shooting him.

Unfortunately, shooting him isn’t so easy. He can’t be killed, and he’ll simply ignore you, even if you unload an entire clip into his chest. He’s just for show, though his character model is pretty recognizable — it’s clearly Udo Kier, in a big white lab coat — perfect for performing all sorts of evil Nazi super-science experiments. Here’s our tips for finding Dr. Straub and putting a bullet or two into his face.

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How to Find Dr. Straub | ‘Lurking Around’ Guide

Annoyingly, Dr. Straub never lingers around for long, and never in the same place. He appears totally at random, but there are patterns to his behaviour. Fans have collectively worked together to find a couple locations, and a couple rounds, where you’re most likely to find Dr. Straub.

  • How To Find Dr. Straub:
    • Reach the Bunker and search for Dr. Straub during Round 6-7.
      • Village Entrance: Through the tiny gap in the Village Entrance. Turn left just as you unlock the exit gate and enter the Square.
      • Morgue: Through the gate in the back, with the yellow light shining through.
      • Morgue: In the small window to the left of the Power switch.
      • Lab: In the window to the right of the Tesla Gun part machine.

Dr. Straub will always appear in a zombie spawn window. The locations listed here aren’t the only places he’ll spawn, and generally he may appear during almost any round in-game, but these spots (and the waves) seem to be the most common for Dr. Straub appearances.

When you see him, shoot him! The achievement / trophy “Lurking Around” will unlock, and you’ll be one step closer to 100%-ing this map.


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